Interruptions, Or Not?

I was reading a blog and I totally related with what she wrote. I thought of sharing it with you as well. There are times, when I am in front of the computer, my kids would come up to me and talk to me… most of the time, my reply would be to answer a simple yes without even bothering to look at them or if i do, i just glance at them. Without really looking. You know what I mean?
Just the other day, Kyla would come to me and tell me to look at her because she is dancing a particular step or Toby would pull me so we could play. I sometimes, take these things for granted. Even when my hubby is talking to me, I talk back or answer without looking at him. I noticed that little by little, I am no longer giving my family the attention that they deserve. I hate it when I talk to someone and that someone is not really listening to me… I realized this is what I am actually doing, to the very people I love.

I chose to stay at home because I believe that this is where God wants me to be. So that I could serve my family. Share special moments together. Big things start with little things. I realized how my kids feel when I dont really “listen” when they are talking to me or showing me things they can do… what would it be like if I allowed this to continue. Probably when they are grown ups, they wont even bother talking to me. And that is something that I dont want to happen.

I was humbled (again). I thank God that He allowed me to realize what was happening.
Forgive me when I get annoyed when I get interrupted. Forgive me for being selfish. Thank you for the opportunity You give me — to see my family everyday and serve my family.


  1. I had that same issues when I started blogging or generally when in front of the computer. I’m glad I was able to over come it. I’m happy for you…

  2. momstheword says

    Beautiful post, Chris. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we can rest in the Lord, knowing that He will reveal to us the areas that He wants to do a work in? What joy!

    I’m glad your blog is back up!

  3. same here, When my son asked something, I answered without looking at him, .
    I was guilty of not paying attenion to my child.Only answering yes or no.
    even my hubby asked me, I answered him without facing him.

    I am poisoned by my PC.
    ad I hate it!

    That’s why i sometimes forced myself not to open my pc at all, and forget it for a moment.

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