Night feeding

Last night, it was the first time that Toby didn’t wake up to breastfeed! From 9pm-6am… I was so happy that he finally was able to go back to sleep by himself when he woke up. Usually, he wakes up every 3 hours or so to nurse. Let’s see if this will continue tonight and the following nights… Hopefully, this will be start that he won’t need to breastfeed just to go back to sleep at nights. He is now 22 months old and I hope that we will be completely weaned when he turns 2 in a few months.


Well, he woke up again tonight to feed 🙁

Do you think I should train him to stop nursing at night? Or do I wait for him to stop by himself?


  1. momstheword says

    Hello! It’s nice to meet you! My friend was a teacher in the Phillippines before she moved here to live. I’m enjoying your blog! I hope you get some sleep tonight. At your son’s age, he’s old enough to sleep thru without needing to eat, so maybe he’s waking up for that cuddle time? I know my son woke up for three weeks for that before he began to sleep thru again. I didn’t nurse him at night at that age, just gave him a hug and kiss and put him back to sleep. But you do whatever the Lord tells you to do. You’re the mom, you know your son better than me and I know you’ll make the best decision. God bless!

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