Toy Hunt – Red Toys

This is my toy hunt for this week.

The photo was taken a couple of months back. Toby is playing with his favorite character, Elmo. The Elmo toy on the left talks whenever you open his mouth, while the other Elmo toy is a a Silly face Elmo. You can stick parts of his face and he talks too.

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  1. I like Elmo!

  2. FickleMinded says

    another elmo, can’t go wrong with that. 🙂
    happy toy hunt!
    FM-Red Toy

  3. Hi Chris… Popular talaga si Elmo… and kids love Elmo… it must be the color Red that makes him so attractive …..
    Thanks for posting,….
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  4. ang cute talaga ni Elmo 🙂

  5. elmo is the best example for the theme ….he is sooo red ;). My son used to like elmo pero he’s already 7 he has outgrown it already…very nice photo

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