When SAHM one Speaks: Trust

How would you bring back your trust to someone who had broken it twice? Do you think it’s possible? Can a broken trust be whole again?

I think it is hard to give your trust again to someone who has broken it not once, but twice. Broken trust needs unconditional love and understanding so it can be whole again.
Humanly speaking, I think it is impossible to trust someone who broke your heart several times already. Only with the love of Christ in our hearts can we truly forgive someone who has hurt us and openly give our trust again. We need to have experienced Christ’s love first, His unconditional love, before we can share it with another.

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  1. momstheword says

    Beautiful post, Chris. I think in a situation like that, if you can’t trust the person, you trust God FOR the person. I would rather put my trust in Him any day!

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