Toy Hunt – Christmas Toy/ Decor

This week’s theme in Toy Hunt is Christmas Toy/Decor

I have a few snow globes here at home and they are gifts from my sister. Whenever she travels to a different country, she buys me one as a souvenir. I have a few that portrays Christmas season. 🙂

Join us at Toy Hunt. Ms. Joy is even giving away a BRATZ toy this holiday season!


  1. This is nice Chris…Old-fashioned decoration. My kid loves turning it upside down 😉

  2. Snow globes!!! They are perfect for the theme eh? I hope we could get one of those (soon).

    Have a great day! : )

  3. How cute… When I was a kid, I wanted to have those snow globes, too! Thanks for visiting my toy hunt.

  4. People with Cameras says:

    blogger ate my comment, so I hope you don’t get this twice.

    Anyway …

    I love snow globes and these are very pretty! Snow globes just make ya happy!!

  5. hi thanks chris! yours is cute too! =)

  6. Named Alicia says:

    Oh those are so pretty! I love snow globes.

    I will have to check out this meme. It looks interesting!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. It has been a crazy couple of days;) KWIM?!?!?

  7. sweetytots says:

    this is cute.. i thought you would like to know, Jes is an inch away from snatching the top rank from you.. You might want to comment some more to win.

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