Motivation for Moms – Appreciation

Show your children that you appreciate them by doing something special just for them, like making their favorite meal, or taking them out for an ice cream.

Now that I have two kids and that they are growing up, I take them to the playground everyday where they can play all they want. I know this is what they want right now. Aside from that, we also go to Jollibee or McDonalds at least once a month to celebrate little victories or simply spend some quality time. Sometimes, we also buy stickers and other little things as a gift or reward.

During their birthdays and other special times, I created some letters for them. I keep it along with the baby scrap book I have made for each of them. So that when they are big enough to understand, I can give it to them. Also I am making sure that I tell them how much I love them every day.

How about you? Share with us how you show your children that you appreciate them.


  1. Hi, Chris! Just like you, I try to spend quality time with my son. I’m hands-on with him before and immediately after work. That really leaves me little or no time for myself. I also tell him I love him everyday and shower him with hugs and kisses. As a family, we go to the mall once a week, usually on Saturdays, because the mall is just walking distance from us. We treat him to Tom’s World, his favorite hangout these days.

  2. Beth in NC says

    Ohhhh, I love your idea of writing letters! I have always kept journals, and I figured that someday my daughter would have access to them, but I LOVE the letter idea!!!

  3. Every saturday I take one of my five kids out for a trip downtown. We have cake and drinks and we talk.

    It’s really lovely.

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