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Don’t just tell your children that you love them ~ tell them what you love about them.

taken from Daily Motivation for Moms

I really love it when Kyla embraces me and tells me she loves me. I love it that she knows her limits. I love the way she can express herself through art works and drawings. I see that even at a young age, she is a leader. I love the way she can make a stand about something.

I love how sweet Toby is. He hugs me every now and then. I love his optimism and how he always wants to make us smile and laugh at his antics. I love his good natured-ness. I love his adventurous nature and not being afraid to try new things.

How about you? What do you love about your kids?


  1. sweetytots says

    me too i love hugs and kisses.. my fave is when little J whisper.. MOmmy I have something to tell you.. I love you! .. hay.. so sweet ng bata..

  2. though my son is only 6 months old, i can see that he appreciates me whenever i breastfeed him. in the middle of it, he would suddenly stop, look at me and then pose his sweetest smile. oh i love him for being sweet and for just being a baby that he is…

  3. I love this post.. πŸ™‚

    I love it when my daughter looks back when i call her name and give me her sweeetest smile, just like telling ‘that’s my mom’ to the whole world!! πŸ˜‰

    you have nice kids dear.. u raise them well!! congrats to u!!

    take care always..

  4. i love hugs, kisses and “i love you mommy” lines =)

  5. I love it when both my babies give me a big smile as soon as they wake up in the morning.

  6. hi yah! heheh oo nga lahat love si dora. Laki ung doll na yan, huggable =) sa toys r us…d ko binili yan nirequest ko lng sa cousin ko mahal eh hehehe =)

  7. ahaha thanks for noticing my new layout, o medyo wala magawa hahaha =) mahal nung nagbigay sayu ng header, $60 dollars singil buti ikaw libre no? hehehe
    Di ko gawa ang layout na yan, ready na yan hiningi ko sa fren ko ng di digiscrap dn…d ako ganun magaling sa effects eh, lay out lang sa adobe photoshop lng a ko gumagwa, me mga libreng pang design na na da download daw, hingi ko lng sa fren ko ung pinang design ko nung una hehehe =)

  8. meron dn nabibiling mg apang digiscrap eh…gusto ko nga sana matutunan ang alam ko lng kasi basic sa photoshop….hehehe pero kung lay out lang okay lang sakin ehhehe =) mag digiscrap ka dn hehehe =) matrabahi nga lng =)

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