Toy Hunt – Interactive Toy

The theme for this week’s Toy Hunt is Interactive Toys. I thought of posting Toby’s new remote controlled toy. Though I think he is still too young to know how this thing works! 😉

How about you? Join us at Ms. Joy’s Toy Hunt every Saturday!


  1. People with Cameras says

    Oh! yes my nephews have those too! I didn’t think of taking a photo of it tho, darn! lol

  2. This kind of toy is a hit for my hubby. He’s been trying to get me to agree on buying him one. lol!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Cars the usual kids favourite. Got a bunch scattered here. Check mine…thanks!

  4. sweetytots says

    that’s a sure hit, boys of all ages still love to play with those it doesn’t matter if they are 2 or 10 or 28 or 53 years old.. nice entry Chris.. my entries are here and here

  5. Yeah,, we have a remote control car too ,, but Dad is keeping it!!!! Toys for big Boys!!!

  6. nice one! I agree with sweetytots, kids of all ages will have fun with it :-)I’m sure you tried playing with it too!

  7. This is also the recent favorite of my niece and nephew 🙂

  8. FickleMinded says

    hello, I have an Award for you. happy weekend.

  9. Hi Chris!!! If I was able to post a toy hunt entry, a remote conrol car would be one of them too…have a great week.

  10. this is a nice car, kaso d p marunong baby ko nyan eh! heheh =)Tnx for visiting again mommy chris, i followed your blog na kasi makakalimutin ako ahahha!
    sana nga matuto n dn sya, minsan cguro kasi its my fault dn dhil inconsistent ako, dati ung dress up bear ang inspiration nya nung nde p nakukuha nung nakuha na wala na! hehehe =0 back to norma ult.
    Re sa opps sa PPP sya, sa madaling araw pa gising p ko sinusuerte meron hehe kaso ang mumura lang $1,25, $.50 iba iba d ko halos maabutan mga $5. hehehe =) ung iba rejected dn nmn kaya binubura ko na. Medyo merong mali sa ginagwa ko ata, d ko lng matukoy p kung anu, mnsan sabi site wide disclosure is missing daw, ung iba nmn lack of 3-5 sentences of original content hehehe d kasi ako palabasa kaya medyo kulang ako sa kaalaman hehehe =)
    grab k n dn, na aprove k n b sa PPP?

  11. ei got an award for you! =)

  12. Wow! Nice truck!

    Don’t you worry Chris, I’m sure he’ll figure out how to use it very very soon! You know how kids are these days! 😀

  13. Nice cars.. my kids used to like RC cars pero when the battery runs out mejo bad trip na sila.. one of the reason why I hate battery operated toys haha

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