Top EC Droppers for February

(the order is from number 10 to 1)

Thank you for regularly dropping by my site!
For the top five droppers, I will advertise your site on my side bar for the month of March.


  1. momstheword says

    This is very nice of you Chris. I hope you’ll join us on Monday for the new meme!

  2. Oh thanks a lot Chris for the recognition…TC

  3. Thanks!:)

  4. FickleMinded says

    darn! i’m so close to make it to the Top five, but thanks for the linky love though. 🙂

  5. earthlingorgeous says

    Wow good for you to figure out how EC works, me I am still clueless ergo not use EC.

    Anyway you have an award to pick-up at my blog 🙂 Happy weekend! Your award is here

  6. Blazing Minds says

    Proud to be a top dropper on your blog 😉

  7. yahoo! thanks to you too Chris! have a great week!

  8. Hi Chris! you’re on my top dropper last FEb. Thanks for taking the time dropping cards on my blog.. See you again next month.


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