Toy Hunt – Toys with Letters

This week’s theme at Toy Hunt is Toys with letters.

This is Kyla’s Phonics Laptop. She received this from her Ninang Zette on her 4th birthday. You can play lots of games here. It is very educational and entertaining as well.
This is Toby’s laptop. Well sort of. It can play music and the read the letters when the button is pushed. It was given to him as a Christmas/Birthday present last year by his Ninong Angel.

For more fun looking for toys, join us at Toy Hunt!


  1. you’re very early!
    i like the toys here, didn’t see them on stores or malls. Or maybe I just don’t go to the laptop section of toy depts. 🙂
    my kids are soooo fond of them! That’s what I also planned to post about toy’s hunt theme this week.

  2. The apple shaped laptop is similar with Ms. JoyD 🙂 Have a great weekend Chris!

  3. FickleMinded says

    looks like a computer toy is the most popular for this week’s theme.
    Toy w/ Letters

  4. Hmm this meme is good. Chris I have an award for you in my blog…It is here

  5. Nice toys! I like the apple-shaped one… it’s cute! 😀

  6. the 2nd toy is similar to braidens toy,,, I call it an apple laptop……

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