Graduation and Recognition Day

Finally, today was Kyla’s graduation and recognition day. She is moving up to prep class from her kindergarden class. The event was held at Technopark Hotel here in Sta Rosa Laguna. When we got there, she didnt want us to get her picture yet.

So, I was really glad that she cooperated eventually. She joined the parade, performed prayer song, stood on the stage for the National Anthem, accepted her medals and certificate of completion. And she allowed us to get some pictures of her. I am so glad that she was able to adjust already… (she used to cry during school events)

She even brought home 2 awards. She got the Best in Arts and Best in Writing awards.

We are so proud of you Kyla.

Thanks be to God for allowing us to be part of your life.


  1. wow congratulations to Kyla and to you too Mommy, good job!

  2. Elizabeth says

    congrats Kyla! galing!

    parang you’re sexier than the last time I saw your pics here, nagdiet ka ba Chris? tips naman diyan o! tumataba nako sobra e. 🙂

  3. Anzu's Mum says

    Congrats to your daughter =) smart and cutie… sarap yata feeling ng umaakyat sa stage no.. Goodluck to her on her next school year =)

  4. Weng Forsgren says

    congratulation to your beautiful daughter. and to her proud mom and dad.
    time flies…ang bilis no..
    good luck for her next steps school year.
    galing na bata

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! It is very nice to meet you and I am enjoying your blog as well.

  6. Babette @ Definitely, Maybe says

    Congratulations to Kyla. I remember when my daughter graduated from pre-K, I was teary-eyed. LOL Iba pala dyan, dito after Kindergarten is 1st grade na. Before Kindergarten is Pre-K4.
    Btw, I’m finished with the penmanship tag. Thanks again. :o)

  7. Woot! Congratulations darling Kyla! And syempre sa inyo rin ng hubby mo Chris. Inggit ako sa inyo ni Jes, wala kasing ganyang recognition day rito.

  8. onlinemommy says

    You are blessed with cute little girl. Congrats!

  9. Those awards Kyla got are really cool – to me, the writing award specially. I would be proud to have a daughter like Kyla. Congratulations, to you Chris and your family.

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