Why Does He Wake Up At Night?

Since having LBM last week, my little Toby has been waking up again at night and asking for milk. He wakes up either 1 or 2 times a night. He only drinks a bit of milk then goes back to sleep. He used to sleep straight already. And now, I wonder what has happened? Last night, I tried not to give him milk anymore but he just kept crying for 10 minutes. So as not to wake up Kyla, we went down and got some milk, after sipping a bit, he went back to sleep on his bed. He drinks milk from the cup already.

Have you ever experienced this? Any advice?


  1. hmmm….d ko lam kung bakit nagkakagnun si tobby pero same tyu ng prob….si ethan ko dn laging gumigising sa gabi pero ayw nmn ng milk…d ko lam kung anu prob nya snce d p nagsasalita…hay! ilang gabi n kme mapupuyat mag asawa kasi nsa gtna nmin sya eh =( curo sa init kasi d kme aircon….tpos matutulog n dn nmn sya after ng mahaba habang utuan heheh =)

  2. Upstatemomof3 says

    Baby Sister woke up in the middle of the night last night for the first time in quite awhile. So sorry you are having sleeping troubles.

  3. Best bet is to not give him milk or any thing since it will likely make him for a new wake up habit. I would tell him no and put him back in bed. It might take a few nights to get him back on normal sleep but it will work. My kids share a room and luckily the other sleeps through disturbances.

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