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Hello everyone! This week’s mommy moments theme was suggested by Beth. Thanks!!

As moms, we all have our share of experiences with doctors and hospitals. Of my two kids, only my son has been hospitalized when he was only 6 days old. He was diagnosed with breastfeeding jaundice after 5 days of stay in the hospital. His pedia was concerned why at 6 days, he was still yellowish so she had him confined… anyway, it was a quite memorable for us since we almost lost our baby. On our last night, the nurses were giving him his last dose of medication thru the IV when our baby suddenly stiffened and was giving out a different cry… I was so alarmed that we saw his body turning blue and when the doctor and nurses came in, they immediately stopped the IV and he returned to normal. We were really so happy that nothing happened to Toby. We didnt know whether it was the nurse giving him a wrong dosage or wrong medicine since he was already receiving the same medication before… I dont recall why we didnt pursue with what happened that night… we were so relieved that he was okay and we checked out the next day… I didnt have any pictures taken during that time. I was really tired since I just gave birth roughly a week before all these happened and staying in the hospital with Toby was tiring too.

Anyway, I have other moments, I would like to share. Here is a picture of my son when he was having severe cough and had to use the nebulizer…

And here are some of the recent pictures taken when we went visit the pedia for their flu vaccine last week. These pics were taken while taking their height… they were still smiling before they got their shot…

Now, its your turn to share! Join us at mommy moments every Friday!


  1. What happened to Toby must have been tough for you, Chris, but I’m glad the worst is over.

  2. Thanks God Toby is OK…I can’t imagine myself facing such crisis…but I know God is with us…we’re fine in His hands…

  3. nel's bebi says

    ay pareho tayo dun sa breastfeeding jaundice na yan! nakakaloka. pero mas scary yata yung experience nyo. glad everything turned out fine!
    it’s really heartbreaking pag nagkakasakit ang mga bebe naten ano?

  4. kailangan talaga nakabantay ang parent(s) (all the time) kapag nag-aadminister ng meds ang mga nurses at kung tama ang dosage ng meds na binibigay nila. walang mawawala, di ba? Mabuti Toby is ok now.

  5. nel's bebi says

    i think mali yung link na nailagay ko. here’s the correct one:

  6. Gusto ko din sanang i-share ang story na ito. Ito ang matinding mommy moment sa akin when my youngest was diagnosed with kawasaki. (photos are Internet images)

  7. I don’t know if “breastfeeding jaundice” and ABO incompatibility are the same. But I was also advised to stop breastfeeding after just a month because Mia is still all yellow and all… I didn’t know it could get as bad as that!!! 🙁

    Maybe all you wished for then was for Toby to get well. And when he did, that’s the best and only thing you could ever ask for. You know how we always say, “Basta gumaling, kahit ano gagawin ko.”

    It’s sad that we can’t control the incompetencies of other “professionals”. Sa huli, ipapasa-Itaas mo na lang talaga.

    Si Mia rin, walang takot sa injection. Simula baby siya never siya umiyak sa mga shots niya. (Which is really weird, I know!).

    Ang cute ng mga anak mo o! Well done Kyla and Toby! 🙂

  8. earthlingorgeous says

    OMG! That was scary, sometimes the nurses can be very careless. That nurse would have experienced hell if she did that to my daughter. You are so calm!

    But thank God everything is ok na. I stopped giving my daughter any injections or any kind because there are tests that shows this might have triggered her autism.

  9. Ang hirap talaga ng anak na may sakit –what happened to your Toby must be very hard for you.But I’m glad that he’s fine.

    btw,pass muna ako ngayong theme na to,wala akong pics na may sakit ang mga alaga ko eh!

    Have a nice day and I’m glad that your’e back in action!^_^

  10. my heart really goes out to see children sick and hurting. it really is hard to see our babies in pain. kung pwede pa lang, akuin natin ung sakit na nararamdaman nila ano?

    i like it that u r taking precautions and had ur kids vaccinated against the flu. and i hope toby doesn’t get the asthma. it’s one of the most difficult illnesses to handle kasi recurring and breathing is difficult.

    God bless both ur kids mommy chris!

  11. I hate it when kids are sick….. Bianca is not well at the moment ….
    anyway mine is up…

  12. Thank God that Tobi is fine now. It is really heart breaking to see our children get sick. Have a great weekend!

  13. Toby looks cute even with the nebulizer. And Kyla – pretty in pink as ever 🙂

    It’s a blessing to have our kids in good health. Happy Mommy Moments, everyone!

  14. it is indeed very heart breaking when we see our kids in pain, grrr it double the pain to us. Just have my post.

  15. Katakot what happened to Toby!
    Buti naagapan. Bka nga mejo mli ung ginawa nung nurse. Kaya ako pag me ganyan, angal ako agad e, sympre my kids naman won’t be able to talk or verbalize what they feel or kung tingin nila mali na ung ginagawa sa knila.

    anyway, humabol ako ngayon ha? mejo me asthma na naman si Gabby. Hayyyyy….sna dumalang na ung attacks niya.

    Take care Chris, and good to know you’re back! 🙂

  16. I am glad, Toby is fine now…t’was tough!

  17. Genejosh says

    my first URL given doesn’t work so i enter another one…Have a nice day!

  18. aray ko nmn…bakit nmn nagkakamali. Naku…kung sakinkaya nangyare anu kya magagawa ko sa nurse n yun? hay! kaya ako nung nawan s aospita si ethan ko tlgang binabantayan ko eh, araw araw kahit kakapanganak ko plng at kakalabas plng ni ishi from the hospital tlgng pabalik balika ko sa chinese….kaso nde nmn nababantayan tlga as in 24 hrs kasi sinasarado nila ang nursery…tpos ang mga nurses d nmn tintgnan ang baby…mnsan natatakpan n ang ilong ng mga bata ng blind folds na nakalagay sa mata nila. =( hay bakit b me mga pabayang nurses at doctors…bahala n tlga si Lord sa lahat!

    mines here –

  19. Napaka careless naman nung mga nurses.I mean, they should know diba.

    Anyway, Toby is all well now and making bungisngis 😀 I don’t have an entry Chris! Walang hospital experience and pics son ko. Also Pedia pictures.

    Before kasi walang picture-picture kahit pedia visit. Pero na-feel ko na picturan ko dapat.Sayang.

  20. One thing I’ll share, he gets mad at his doctor everytime he’ll get his immunization. He’ll say Ouch!!! and he’ll look mad at his pedia LOL

  21. i remember the nebulizer, when andrea got sick during our vacation, kailangan nya ng nebu kc parang may pusa na nakapasok sa dibdib nya… she went ballistic!

  22. about breastfeeding jaundice, ganyan din si Andrea kaya doctor’s advice to temporarily stop the breastmilk. it is really hard kapag nagkasakit ang mga kids.

  23. thank goodness they’re good now…thanks for sharing Mommy Chris…will post mine bukas…:)

  24. mommy jac says
  25. Evan's Mom says

    Evan was hospitalized when he was two weeks old because of jaundice too. Good things they are growing up healthy now.
    Have a good weekend Chris 🙂

  26. Having a cold or the flu is never any fun. But it is often worst when your child is the one that is sick..Get well soon!!
    Done posting mine here…thanks & God Bless!Have a great weekend!

  27. oh kaloka naman ang nangyari kay toby, but now look at him, sobrang cuteness! wala pa akong entry Mommy,gumagawa pa lang 🙂

  28. a boy's mom says

    naku that’s one thing i learned fr miguel’s several hospitalizations, lagi akong nagcoconfirm sa nurses kung tama yung gamot or IV fluid before ilagay, mahirap na di ba? good thing nothing happened to Toby. 🙂

    my entry’s up

  29. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    don’t have photos to share for this week’s theme…

    nice photos mommy!!!

  30. buti nman naagapan xa mommy chris yung cousin ko nman yung anak nya baby pa ang dilaw daw kaso diko nman alam kc diko pa nakita he he kakatakot pag mga bata may mga sakit hirap sa mga mommy tulad natin makita yung mga anakis natin na may sakit.

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