Summer Swimming Lessons

I have enrolled Kyla in the Learn To Swim program of Milo. She has already finished 3 days of the program. So far, she can do her flutter kicks. But she still holds on to her kick board and refuses to put her head under the water. I have been talking to her and encouraging her. She has finally agreed with me today that she will do it tomorrow. I certainly hope that she will try it tomorrow.

Do you have any similar experiences? How did it get resolved? You see my little girl is hesitant to try out new things… and I really hope she overcomes her fear to put her head under the water…


  1. My Wakaba just enrolled to her once a week doing soccer at her school.She wanted to do some soccer experience and am happy for that.I think it’s good for them to try new things and do some sports activities instead of staying at the house.

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  3. Enrolling your child to a sports clinic on summer vacation would help them be a team player and gain more confidence. Also, it will keep them healthy and alert. This is one way of letting your child enjoy their vacation and letting them learn new stuffs and having new friends.

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