Do you think co-sleeping is okay? Until what age should co-sleeping be acceptable?

Co-sleeping means the kids are sleeping with their parents on the same bed. In our case, my eldest has been co-sleeping with us since she was 11 months old. While my son was 6 months old, when he started co-sleeping with us. Until now, Kyla is already 5 years old while Toby is 2, we are still co-sleeping.

At the beginning, I didn’t really plan on co-sleeping but as it turned out, it was easier for me since I was breastfeeding Toby for 22 months. And now, I enjoy sleeping beside my kids. Waking up beside them and being close to them. I am not sure until what age we would be co-sleeping but for now, I am just enjoying being close to them for I know 1 day, they would surely want their own bed and their own room.


  1. Upstatemomof3 says

    We sort of co-sleep. Both of our kids go to sleep in their own beds but they are welcome to move to our bed pretty much anytime they wake up in the night. I figure it will stop when they no longer want to climb into bed with us. And I think that is when it should stop for anyone – when Mom and Dad are tired of it or when the kids are tired of it. 🙂

  2. My jake too chris he started co-sleeping with uswhen he was 11 months and until now. We wanted him to go back sleeping in his crib through the night, ayaw niya, nasanay na yata.

  3. momstheword says

    We never did it. I had a few friends that did it but they had trouble getting their kids to sleep in their own bed, and complained about lack of sleep.

    My one friend had four kids and they were all sleeping in the parent’s room (3 on the floor and the baby in their bed). The oldest was 12 and still was afraid to sleep alone in his own room.

    So because my friends struggled with getting a good nights sleep and were up and done all night carrying their kids back to their own beds, we just decided to put our babies in their own beds from the start.

  4. I tried many times to put my son in his room but before the morning hhehe he already went back to us. He was sleeping with us since he was 10 months until now that he is already 3 yrs old. Once in a while pinatulog ko siya sa bed niya ok naman pero he got up sometimes crying and he wants to sleep with us.

  5. My kids all slept with me until they were four years old and then they went in their bed– I never had any problems. Now my last one is 3 he still sleeps with us — I may never get him in his own bed.
    I love it — I get more snuggle time that way.

  6. our son started co-sleeping with us when he was three year old, he is almost 5 now..we like it that way since he’s our only child, but we don’t have asking him to sleep in his room if we want him to. before we know it, he wouldn’t want to sleep with us anymore, might as well take advantage of it while it last :-).

  7. It’s not uncommon in our culture to co-sleep with our children. I slept in my parents’ bed until I was 7 years old. ; ) We co-sleep with Joaqui and we enjoy sleeping and waking up beside him. ; )

  8. onlinemommy says

    My daughter, ska, co-sleep with us since she was born because I was also breasfeeding her and we don’t have a separate room for her yet.

    This setup is convenient also for me.

  9. I think is good to sleep together and wake up together. But my children have their own rooms since they were baby.

  10. Clarissa says

    we sort of co-sleep–Wakaba slept alone in her own room when she was 3 until the day Haruka is born.I have no problem with Haruka( now 3) because they’re sleeping together in one room now.

  11. Justin first slept on his crib for the first few months, but when he was a bit older, he started sleeping with us on our bed. I guess the best time to co-sleep with our kids is when they’re not too fragile anymore. That’s too prevent them from getting hurt (madagaan or madantayan) during the time that they still don’t know how to express their pain or whatever they’re feeling through words or action.

  12. I don’t know what’s the rule about co-sleeping, but my 11 year old son sleeps with us still, haha. And whenever we asks him if he wants to sleep in his own bed, he gives a big “no”. Well, maybe next time when he’s ready… 🙂

  13. oh, we do co-sleep mommy chris. sam can’t sleep at night without hubby and me by her side. i guess it is okay until they are ready to sleep alone. nothing beats the warmth and security that our presence brings.

  14. AFlowerWithoutAName says

    I didn’t do the sleep in my bed thing, I let my daughter sleep beside the bed till she was ready to leave. She was pretty insecure of herself (father in the military and leaving a lot) and I just finally let her decide when to leave. She was 12 when she left. We would talk about her day every night before she went to bed and now that’s she’s 15, she’s very open with me and I’m thankful for that. You do what feels best for you and don’t make anyone make you feel ashamed or whatever of your situation. That closeness is what the child needs in these days and times. I’ve been married 21 years to a great man and he never complained. He would often listen to her talk and really listen to what she said. He’s more intuned to her now.

  15. we co-sleep, my kids are 1 and almost 3 years old respectively. I don’t know if when they’ll ever want to get their own beds. I coslept with my mom for a very very long time, since I’m adopted and raised by a single mom so that’s no issue with me. Maybe when they want their own beds or room kasi girl and boy eh. That’s the time I’ll give in to them.

  16. Carebear says

    We’re a cosleeping family and we LOVE it! Well, actually. I co-sleep and love it. Hubby hates it so he sleeps in another room when our kids are babies. Oh well. Nighttime feedings are so much easier when we’re in bed together, plus I feel so bonded to my kids.

  17. homemakerchronicles says

    I found you in I heart faces and I love this post. It’s so good to hear about others that enjoy co-sleeping with their children! My oldest is 9yrs and she doesn’t sleep with us, but my 11mo does and his 3 older siblings did until they were about 18 months. It goes too quickly not to savor the moments!!

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