Friday Photo Flashback #2

This was me — 10 years ago!
It was my last visit to the USA (courtesy of my office).
If you look closely, you can see the World Trade Center at the back.

Friday Photo Flashback

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  1. flashback na flashback. Reminded me of 9-11

  2. Nasa 20’s ka na ba dito? 🙂 Na-capture mo pa ang WTC, hindi natin akalain.

  3. Dani Joy says

    Wow! It just made my heart stop seeing the towers again.
    I have been seeing your comments around on the blogs I follow. How great to meet you!
    My Husband and his family are Philipino also! So that´s why my boys are sooo adorable!
    We have wanted to visit the Philippines for a long time but with having to travel between Spain and the US we have not been able to.
    I am so excited about getting to know you better!

  4. Dani Joy says

    BTW I am from Up state NY.. thus why my feelings for the City and the towers! Hit real close to home. but it´s a great picture.

    btw.. do you speak Tagalog or another language? I would love to learn some day. My Husbands family speaks Tagalog but he never learned. 🙁 We speak Spanish now.

  5. Beth in NC says

    Oh wow, what a great picture! I have one with the twin towers behind me too. I should find that picture.

    Thanks for sharing with us!


  6. Hi Chris!! Thank you again for joining FPF this week!!

    Wow…you really got a great picture here!!!!!

    How wonderful you were able to travel to the states for your job!! What kind of work were/are you in?

    I don't live in the Philippines, but both my parents were born there!!! San Fabian & Cebu are where their parents are from. Hopefully one day we'll be able to visit there!!

  7. What a lovely picture of NYC and the twin towers.

  8. Muthering Heights says

    It’s cool that you were able to the the towers…I never did!

  9. What a neat picture…you really got the whole NY skyline in there. Weird to think it isn’t like that any more.

  10. Red Thread says

    What a great picture…I have one of the Twin Towers also. Makes for a very special picture now. Thanks for sharing yours and thanks for stopping by with a comment.

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