I ♥ Faces – Hats

This week’s theme is HATS…

Love photos? Check out:



  1. Beth in NC says:

    Oh my, how precious!!!

  2. She’s beautiful and I love the hat….

  3. Fresh Mommy says:

    Oh that really is sweet!! Love the sweet face, and the angle…



  4. Cassie says:

    Great photo! so cute!

  5. Caroline says:

    That is one sweet picture 😀 Thanks for commenting too 😀

  6. drewmark19 says:

    Okay…now you have me thinking about doughnuts. Cute picture, but very bad for the diet! 🙂

  7. mommy jac says:

    Cute hat!!! Like the way he smiles,sweet =)

  8. Upstatemomof3 says:

    Oh absolutely adorable!! I just love that expression.

  9. onlinemommy says:

    Nice and Cute huh?!!

  10. A Family Completed... says:

    That is darling!!

  11. CHE-CHE says:

    haha may bagong staff na pala ang krispy kreme?

  12. cute baby boy! 🙂

  13. earthlingorgeous says:

    oooOOOooo another of those KK addicts! ahahaha! Lovely shot!

    Ako rin am experiencing intermittent net connection and its very annoying. I think I’m having withdrawal symptom sa blog addiction ko ahaha.

    By the way I have a mothers day tag for you. Happy Mothers day!

  14. What an adorable shot!
    I really like your self portrait shot too!!

  15. Anissa says:

    Great shot! Yummy Doughnuts!


  16. Tina Smith Photography says:

    great shot!

  17. Niecey says:

    very cute. Now I’m hungry

  18. I LOVE Krispy Kreme! And this picture is so cute 🙂

  19. A cute boy in a donut hat? How delicious!!!!

  20. That is adorable!

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