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This week’s theme is GRANDPARENTS BONDING. We all know that spending time with the grandparents are important. It doesn’t only foster special moments with them, but our children will also gain wisdom from them.

That is why we make it a point to visit my parents in Manila so they can see and spend some time with their grandchildren.

my mom with Toby when he was just 2 months old

my parents with the kids on Toby’s 2nd birthday.
We celebrate special days with them!

We also try to visit my in-laws often since they are just a town away.

my mom-in-law with Toby when he was 3 months old

my in-laws with Kyla when she was 4 months old

My kids are blessed that they still have complete sets of grandparents. I am so thankful for their love and support for our family.

Its your turn to share with us your special moments with the grandparents!
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  1. Genejosh says

    wow, the grandma’s are still young and beautiful!..same here, Hyzyd is blessed too with complete set of grannies..Excited ang mga in laws ko next year bec. they can see their apo…

    Ala pa ang Mr.Linky?..he..he..I made my post first baka gabi na me kauwi much to do…

    Mine is here: grandparents bonding.

  2. oo nga, Toby and Kyla are so blessed to have a complete set of grandpa and grandma on both sides. 🙂

    mine is up na din here!

    Take care Chris! 🙂

  3. wow oo nga butip sila complte pa, ako wala n kasingfather kaya isa nlng grannie nila sakin ehehe =) ha[[y mommy moments =) mine is here –

  4. ay ala pa si Mr Linky..


    ang aga ko pa naman!!

    nanay momentsMake or Break

  5. earthlingorgeous says

    Awww another emotional post for me sorry mommies. Swerte ng anak nyo kumpleto sa set ng grandparents. Haiz.

    Here is mineOo nga ano alang mr. linky. what happened?

  6. thanks for sharing mommy chris… ang babata pa nga ng mga lola and lolo… and they are all good looking

  7. nice sets of grannies and grampies!

  8. Just like Toby and Kyla, Asher is also blessed to meet and play with his two sets of grandparents.

    My entry is here.

  9. SASSY MOM says

    Their grandparents are quite young. And I agree with you. My kids only have their Lolas.

    Happy Friday!

  10. i missed mommy moments! 🙂

  11. Such sweet pictures. TFS

  12. swerte tlga mga kids nten dear.. ako wla na pareho lolo ko both sides.. i didnt experience lolo’s love 🙁

    but am happy for my daughter though, happy rin ako for ur kyla and toby! 🙂

    mine is up na rin.. thanks for commenting dear! mwah

  13. onlinemommy says

    Your kids are also blessed because their grandparents are within their reach. They visit them anytime.

    My daughter, ska have not yet seen by my in-laws because they are in mindanao. We really need to plan for the visit and allot a budget for trip.

    Hopefully we will have time and money to visit them soon.

    I won’t be able to join the Mommy Momments today because I have so much in my plate for this week. Hopefully I won’t miss next week’s theme. God Bless!

  14. Lovely moments with the grandparents. It’s nice to see the happiness written all over their faces. Happy Mommy Moments, Chris and all ye beautiful mommies!

    (P.S. I have difficulty accessing Mommy Journey today. I will check back later)

  15. Got to Believe says

    nice photos, chris! the kids are lucky to be growing up with lola and lolo around.

  16. Grandparents are a gift from heaven. Without them there’s no us and our children whom we take delight of. your kids are lucky there are complete sets of grannies and grandpa to shower them with love. 🙂

  17. Your kids are lucky to have complete sets of grandparents on both sides of the family. My son only has one set of living grandparents, my Nanay and Tatay. It’s really nice to see our kids bonding with their lolos and lolas.

  18. wow daming pics 🙂 nice talaga to see kids with their lolos and lolas. Happy weekend!

  19. Wow, grandmas and grandpas are still young.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I’m always glad everytime I post here at Mommy Moments. It’s interesting.

  20. nice pictures of your kids with their grandparents. it reminds me of my parents in the phils. thanks for sharing

    thanks for the visit. i really appreciate it. have a good weekend

  21. Ahhh your kids are lucky to have spent a lot of times both your parents. Your parents and inlaws are still youngsters chris.

  22. mommy jac says

    Hi Cris,your kids is so blessed to have a complete sets of grandparents.Btw done posting

    Have a great weekend!!

  23. Hi Mommy Chris! 🙂 Nice photos the kids have with the grannies. :] I’m sure you’re thankful that they’re all so healthy and alive to still bond with the kids. 🙂

  24. Both grandparents are still guapo and guapa. Ang galing buti ka pa girl you have all the time to take them pictures with the kids.

  25. Anzu's Mum says

    beauty din pala mom mo mommy chris, as well as your mom inlaw =) And syempre goodlooking din mga daddys mo.. Lovely pics =)

  26. Da oy wa gyd ko pic sa ato theme ron wa napod koy entry. waaahhhhhhhhh saon wa man parents ako bana patay na tapos akoa layo kaayo wa pa mi kauli sa pinas oy. Happy weekend na lang Chris….

  27. Chris, thanks. i’ve done my rounds. 🙂

  28. chubskulit says

    Amsure spoiled sa mga inlwas mo yang mga angels mo.. thanks for sharing!

  29. I agree with Mami Gene..grandmas looks young and pretty….hehehe…they look so loving and caring with your kids mami Chris…thanks for sharing!

  30. You’re absolutely right Chris.Our kids can gain wisdom from them.And their Grannies were still young.Happy weekend!

  31. Both your Mom and mother-in law looks so pretty…our kids brings them joy and laughter.

  32. Clarissa says

    Beauty runs in the family,Mommy Chris–kaya pala magaganda lahi nyo eh!^_^Beautiful pics!thanks for sharing!^_^
    mine’s up na pala kahit late:

  33. nel's bebi says

    don’t we all thankk God for grannies?! buti nga kayo malapit lang sa lolo at lola. inggit ako.

    nwys, humabol ako! sensya na at late ang entry ko this week:

  34. a boy's mom says

    grandparents are really a blessing!

    my entry’s up 🙂

  35. wow! parang ang babata pa ng grandparents ni Toby and Kyla 🙂

    here’s mine:

    sorry nalate, medyo busy hehe

  36. hi chris! habol ako.
    mine’s up!

  37. Hi Chris!

    Trying to catch up with my Mommy Moments entries…

    Grandparents are real blessings from God.. I’m so lucky my Mom’s around to help me look after my son.

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