Monday Movie Meme – Animals

The Bumbles Blog has a weekly movie meme every Monday… I know its already Wednesday but I would still like to participate 🙂 This week’s movie theme is all about animals.

The movies I really like are:
Marley and Me
The Lion King
Homeward Bound

Quite obvious that I am a dog person 🙂


  1. An Eerie Tapestry says

    Good list. Surprised that no one else has mentioned The Lion King yet (my Disney pick was Dumbo). Also kind of surprised that Homeward Bound’s got mentioned a few times, but not the original film The Incredible Journey (but that could just be me showing my age).

  2. I haven’t watched Marley and Me. May nag-recommend din sa akin before. And with it in your list,Will wait for the DVD.

  3. Hello, Chris.:)

    This sounds like a fun meme. Maybe, I can join next time.

    I love dogs too. And yes, these movies are really nice.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. All of your entries were valid. And thanks so much too for including me in your blog roll and grabbing my blog button. I’ve already included you in my blog roll as well.

    Thanks again. 😀

  4. The Bumbles says

    Wow – I feel like one big DUH for not even thinking of the Lion King until you posted it! One of my favorite Disneys. That’s why we created the Monday Movie Meme ;0) Play along any time.

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