Summer Fun With the Wheels

It took only 2 afternoons last week and Kyla was able to ride the bike without the trainer wheels already! I was so proud and glad that she was able to balance herself on her bike. She is so happy with her achievement! I can see that it boosted her confidence too!

She requested we remove the trainer wheels from her bike a few months ago but it was only last week (before it rained and rained) that she started practicing. In the beginning, I was still holding her bike at the back but after awhile, I let go and she just went on and on 🙂 She didnt even notice I had already let go!


  1. onlinemommy says

    She is indeed a fast-learner 🙂 Congrats to Kyla 🙂

  2. Beth in NC says

    Good for her! So much fun!

  3. Well done Kyla! 😀

  4. Way to go, Kyla! 🙂

  5. What a big girl – that didn’t take her long at all. What a fun milestone! She looks so adorable!

  6. Hi Chris, ang galing naman ng girl mo, mabilis syang matuto. My little boy is just starting to learn, he still has the training wheels. Sorry for being absent, I had to take a break lang. Hopefully, I’m back for good. Btw, for Mommy Moments, how about Bonding with Friends?

  7. Wow it took me a week of running behind by sons bike.

    I know she is so excited.
    Love the pictures you may never get her off that bike now.

  8. mommy jac says

    Good job Kyla!!!Hi Chris, I have an award for you

    Have a lovely day!!!

  9. Clarissa says

    Well done,Kyla!!I can on her face that she’s enjoying!!^_^

  10. 4 Lettre Words says

    Oh, I love that pink bike!! What fun!

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