Summer Swimming Lessons Update

Kyla has finished two weeks of the Milo Swimming Lessons.

There were major improvements since my last update. Although until the end of the swimming course, she still didn’t submerge her head on the water. She only did it until half of her face! The coach said that she just needs to overcome her fear of submerging her head and she would be a good swimmer since she can swim quite a distance and can really do some flatter kicks! Anyway, I am glad that I enrolled her in Milo’s class. Even though she didn’t completely overcome her fear of submerging her head yet, I know that somehow she was able to build some confidence… and that was my goal!

This is Kyla with her coach…
This is Kyla (on the most right) with her classmates doing some leg exercise.

Kyla with her kickboard


  1. maybe next summer I will enroll the kids for swimming lesson, tag ulan na eh, pero advised ng doc un, kase good for the lungs daw, mapapalakas ung baga..

    naku Mommy, sabi ng asawa ko e 7 minutes daw kada break at imagine ha, naubos na ang pirated na laban sa quiapo eh hindi pa tapos ang show ng 7 naku..

  2. Paunti-unti ika nga! Kyla looks so cool with her kickboard. Ganda rin ng swimming cap niya.

  3. onlinemommy says

    I think it’s a good start. She will be able to overcome her fear in time.

    When my daughter grows up, I would also encourage to learn how to swim. But we may not enroll her to a formal swimming lesson. My husband is very willing to teach her. 🙂

  4. nku ang galing ni Kyla!!! sana matuto din magswim kids ko, wala pa kasi akong budget sa ngayon ska walang malapit na classes.

    Gusto ko din sila enroll para na din for survival nila esp pag nagttravel and pag nagbbeach kmi. at lalo na dhl good siya for me asthma di ba? nakakalakas nga ng lungs! 🙂

    I think matututo din si Kyla magsubmerge ng face someday, bka maging traumatic naman pag pinilit di ba?

    thanks for dropping by Chris, me bago na kong post ha? do check and join ka pag me time and pag like mo, dont forget to leave a comment pag nagjoin ka ha? thanks so much! 🙂

  5. ang galing na nila mag swim! ako hindi pa… huhu! maybe i should also get a lesson with milo clinic?

  6. I need to do that! My oldest can swim the other two can’t.

    Love the pictures — She looks like she is having a great time.


  7. It certainly is a good start. Swimming classes should be something that a person takes up when young. Well I guess an adult can also take up swimming lessons. Never too young to try!

  8. Looks like Kyla enjoys it. I hope she continues with the succeeding lessons/classes and encourage her for constant practice to develop keen interest in swimming. My Aloy had attended swim lessons last 2007 but I never followed up because I got busy/preggy and now he lost interest bec. all he wants to do this summer is PSP.

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