Toy Hunt – Collection of Toys

This is my collection of Disney Princess porcelain dolls. I had them even before I was married. I hope to add some more characters someday.

This is my daughter’s Barbie collection. She just loves them!

For more collection of toys, check out:


  1. Fresh Mommy says

    I’m sure you will add some… fun collections!


  2. Love those! My little girl loves are the porcelain dolls.

  3. Heart of Rachel says

    That’s a lovely collection of porcelain dolls.

    I remember my Barbie dolls when I was young. I gave them away to my younger cousins.

  4. Mommy asan ang toys no Toby? 🙂

  5. Genejosh says

    has done the Friendship ChainHave a nice day!

  6. mommy jac says

    wow I loves the Disney Princess,cute collection Chris…

  7. momstheword says

    There is a gal at our church who collects Barbie dolls. She just loves them! She’s even been to a Barbie convention, which I never knew they even had one.

  8. ohhh… Mommy Chris I love these Porcelain Disney princess!!!!!! They are adorable… Hummm,,, mag collect din kaya ako nyan!!!!! ha h ha ha

  9. Everybody loves Disney Princess,kids even adult loved them & I love it too!!
    And I like Barbies for my youngest too!
    Happy sunday Mommy Chris!

  10. I love barbie dolls, your collection are beautiful…

  11. Clarissa says

    nice collection,Mommy Chris!!I’m sure madadagdagan pa yan!!^_^

  12. Aw! Ganda ng Disney Princesses mo.Mia’s Barbies slipped my mind. Dami na ni Kyla ah! :)Here’s my share. 🙂

  13. the disney collection is pretty 😉 heehee. i wonder where my barbie collection has gotten to…

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