Toy Hunt – SIlly Toy

This week’s theme is Silly Toys!

This is a dress up Elmo toy.
You can make stick different parts to his face!

Join in the fun!


  1. completelyunperfectmom says:

    That is an awesome toy! Any chance you know where you got it?

  2. wow, these are great toys. Where did you get it?
    I’m curious…

  3. Mommy Jac says:

    The second photo is cute but the first one is so silly and I love it.

  4. onlinemommy says:

    great toys!

  5. Wow! It’s like Mr. Potato Head..My kids will love this!

  6. nice one Mommy Chris.. bakit di ko naisip si potato head.. waaah.. wala tuloy ako entry huhu

    Make or Break

  7. I’d never seen a toy like this before,silly yet cute Elmo pala ang name nya.

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