Friday Photo Flashback # 6

Friday Photo Flashback

My photos for today are from high school and college days. I want to share some great photos of my friends from back then. I still get to be in touch with most of them. Indeed, good friends are a rare treasure!

These pics are from high school. On the first picture, I am standing 2nd from the left.
On the second picture, I am the 1st from the left.

This pic was taken with college friends. 1996.

Its quite fun to dig up old pictures, so why don’t you join us at Friday Photo Flashback!


  1. Nice pictures.

  2. Pilar Stark says:

    You are right, great friends are a rare blessing.

    I think I only have one of my high school friends that I stay in touch with and only because I just found her again not too long ago 🙂

  3. Joye @ The Joyeful Journey says:

    Love the pictures! Don't you just love digging up pictures with your old friends? So many memories!

  4. Sweet Serendipity says:

    Wow, great group shots! So nice that you still have them to remember old friends.

  5. Hi Chris! You are right..friends are a rare treasure!!! It looks like you have lots of them!!!

    I'm so glad you joined in again this week!!!!! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Muthering Heights says:

    What fun pictures! It's cool that you're still in contact with some of them!

  7. ~wickedlysexy c",? says:

    Agree…true friends are real treasures indeed!


  8. a corgi says:

    that is awesome to still be friends from high school! great pictures; I'm sure it brings back a lot of memories when you look at them!

    enjoy the weekend


  9. rj's mama says:

    reading this post makes me miss my hs & college barkada

  10. momstheword says:

    Looks like you were all having fun! I hope you still keep in touch with some of them!

  11. blessedmom says:

    nice pics mommy! it's fun to look at old pics…they bring back precious memories 🙂 i'm impressed u still have them…wish I know where I put them…well i guess it would be in one of those boxes hehe 🙂

    nyways, thanks a lot for droppin by and for leavin a nice comment! appreciate it 🙂 take care 🙂

  12. I always like all of your pics!!! I'm especially a sucker for old photos so I think these are so fun 🙂

  13. Clarissa says:

    Nice pics!Thanks for sharing!!^_^

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