I ♥ Faces – "Just for Fun"


  1. That is funny.

  2. Adorable! I love “silly face” photos!

  3. jganlising says

    ahahahah i love this….anu to weekly dn ba? i love it eheheh I also love making faces in cam eh nagaya n ang baby ko ehheheh =)salamat sa dlaw nsa cafe ako ngyun eh=) gawa photobook eheheh =)

  4. hhahaha…cute naman nitong dalawa…:)

  5. Buckeroomama says

    “Silly faces” photos are always cute. 🙂

  6. This made me laugh, love it!

  7. LOL… that is a great picture!!

  8. LOL, great shot!

  9. OMG! I just love this picture!

  10. Alicia W. says

    This picture is great! Love it.

  11. Mom 2 Four says

    Too cute, just gotta love funny faces!!

  12. ~wickedlysexy c",? says

    your kids are really adorable…Mom from Manila

  13. so cute!!!it will really make your day with these kids around 🙂

  14. the monkey's mama says

    definitely hilarious!

  15. Ba ha ha! Terrific photo!

  16. The Animator's Wife says

    Now that is a FUN picture!

  17. So cute! I love the silly faces. Sometimes with my kids that is all they will take. I get the camera out and if my oldest dosn't run he will give me a very silly face.

  18. My Two Seasons says

    How cute! I love the look on his face!

  19. what a cute shot! 🙂

  20. oh my what a fun shot

  21. Very adorable!

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