WFW: Proverbs 23:24


In honor of Father’s day on Sunday, I decided to post something related to fathers. The picture is that of my hubby and our son 🙂

Let us remember to honor the fathers who have raised us up well.

Happy WFW!


  1. Such a nice WFW.

  2. I like the thought,perfect for Fathers Day.

  3. onlinemommy says

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby.

  4. Clarissa says

    I love the Father and Son tandem ^_^

  5. Love this picture! and the verse! so great!
    Sorry I haven´t been able to come over for a visit in a while. We went camping and I am still trying to get unbarried from the laundry. 😉
    have a great Wednessday!

  6. Snow White says

    Amen to that! Earthly fathers doing the Father's work are an amazing blessing.

  7. Awesome choice for today! Thanks for sharing!

  8. how sweet 🙂

  9. how precious! This is such a neat WFW!!

  10. Oh, what a PERFECT scripture in honor of dads!

    Hope you have a blessed WFW♥

  11. This Is Me, Doing What I Do says

    That's a great verse for this week! I pray your DH is blessed this Sunday!

  12. A sweet post, thank you ~

  13. So sweet!

  14. Chuchie Lopez-Wilks says

    nice photo and great verse for all daddys.. Mine is up for the very first time

  15. Alicia, The Snowflake says

    Oh what a cute picture! I love the verse with it! Happy WFW!

  16. hljourney says

    Perfectly creative … and father's day this sunday; how adorable. Thanks for sharing WFW with us!
    ~hugs, HL

  17. The words made the photo more perfect!

  18. That picture is priceless. And great choice of scripture. Thanks for sharing God's Word. Happy WFW!!

    PS – You have beautiful blog!!

  19. Amydeanne says

    i love seeing daddies with their babies! great picture and great verse to go with it!

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