An Online Parenting Show In the Philippines!

As I was reading the news yesterday, I saw that Christine Bersola-Babao has produced the first ever online parenting show in the Philippines! I headed to the site and what I saw was pretty interesting.

Registered members of can avail of “free” online consultations with doctors, teachers, professionals, and other experts, as well as first hand sharing from our community of parents!

It also has a 30-minute bi-weekly parenting program. The best feature of all, this site is developed for the Filipino community!

It sounds pretty interesting for us parents, doesn’t it? Check it out yourself!


  1. I read somewhere she spent half a million from her own pocket to produce the show.

  2. Wow, very cool.

  3. interesting. thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. nag member ka? may glitch eh, upon signing up ni hindi man lang magbigay ng note na narecieve nila ung form and worst no email.. waaah

    anywyas, true talaga sobrang saya after my ultrasound 🙂

    Beng's lay out is juts a riff off.. dun sa pinagkuhanan ko ng lay out ko, binago ko lnag ung header nya hehe 🙂 just like what I did to my site, ung har dcoeds ganun pa rin binago ko lang color and the header 🙂

    Make or Break

  5. tintinbabao says

    Hi ! Tintin here. Thank you for your review and for posting ! I really appreciate it !

    yes, as of now, ive spent half a mil to put up the site. But when you pursue your dream it is a small price to pay .And it is all worth it !

    as for the registration glitch, we already ironed out the bugs and now all new registrants get a confirmation of the registration through email. Hope this works out for all future registrants. They can also register through

    Would you be open to the idea of being one of our first mommy bloggers ? It would be an honor.

    Have you registered to be a member as well ? hope so.

    welcome to

    Godbless you and your family !

    take care !

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