I ♥ Faces – Sports in Action

This is my daughter. Taken during her swimming lessons just this April.


  1. swimming lessons for kids are fun to watch… i remember the milo swimming lessons when I was in PI

  2. action na action nga Mommy Chris!

    Make or Break

  3. marveling says

    Oh wow, can't wait till Rylie can't do that too…

  4. My older kids took swimming lessons and they had so much fun!!

    I love her cap! So cute!

  5. jan celiz-magtoto says

    hey chris. glad you hopped in my blog! you do have an interesting site too!

  6. Yes, it is good to learn swimming at early age.

  7. Lucky for her, she started her swimming lesson at a young age. =)

  8. Caroline says

    lOVELY colours in that shot. We are not allowed to take swimming shots at our pools in the UK 🙁 I wish…! Lovely photo!

  9. Cute pic! Her cap is adorable 🙂

  10. Very cool picture.

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