Laban laban daw tayo?

If you are in the Philippines, you know that the presidential campaign has already started. Each of the presidentiables have their own commercials which we see every now and then during commercial breaks of the local stations. Now, one of the presidentiable’s slogan is “lalaban tayo” right? I am sure you are familiar with that. Well, whenever my 2 year old son would see it on TV, he would ask me “Mommy, laban laban daw tayo?” 🙂


  1. marveling says

    its not really a good slogan coz it connotes a negative idea especially in the minds of innocent children..

  2. kids talaga ano? they can easily imitate and remember things.

    Mommy Chris heres my email address:

  3. Bless you dear.

  4. Kids are like sponge, they absorb everything they see and hear good or bad. Now its up to us parents to explain things to them. Ang hirap minsan sinagot mo na query nila and then 'yung sagot mo kailangan mo talagang i-justify. Kids. Pero mas gusto ko 'yun inquisitive na bata. 🙂

  5. tsk, tsk, tsk…that slogan connotes meron ka laging kaaway instead of just focusing on nation building 🙁

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