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Making your home sing Mondays

I am joining Nan’s weekly meme today. This meme is about how to make your home sing. I believe that being a stay at home mom is more than just being able to watch your kids personally grow up and personally caring for their needs. I chose to be a stay at home mom because I felt that this is what God is calling me to do.

I have been a SAHM for the past 5 years and it has really been fulfilling. Though there are days that I wish, I was also earning but God has been really faithful. Anyway, the past week, God has been challenging me to take my being a SAHM to the next level. I have decided to intentionally teach my kids. Like values, memory verses, a set of daily activities for Toby, instead of just letting him play or watch videos all day while I blog. It is a challenge to me and I would want to do these for the kids and above all, as my service to God. Truly, family is the first ministry that God has given us.

I pray that I will be successful in this new endeavor.


  1. you will need a lot of patience Chris but I bet you can ace this :)Toby would love the truck, it’s around 3k ata, bought it in Toy kingdom

  2. momstheword says

    That’s what we are to do, is to train them up in the Lord. You will love it. There is a great book called “Plants Grown Up” you can get it through Doorposts or through Amazon.It offers all sorts of great ideas. Or just google character training.Thank you for joining us today!

  3. You sound like a great mom!

  4. DarcyLee says

    Good for you! I truly believe that if we are going to have children that grow up to be the right kind of adults, they need to be raised intentionally. I use that word all the time when I talk about parenting. Again, good for you!

  5. What a great decission you have made. You are going to see God blessing your family and your time with them so much. It creates such a great bonding time. enjoy this new path you are following

  6. Consciousness is the big part…now that you’ve made that decision, you’ll do a great job!

  7. that’s what I am praying for everyday too that I WILL always have the patience and endurance to understand my children. and train them with faith in their hearts.

  8. I love that!It’s really a sacrifice, just like what Pehpot said, but I think it’s all worth it! 🙂

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