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I have a collection of postcards. I started it while I was in college. I just love seeing different places, learning about other people and experiencing their cultures. I guess, I was influenced by my mom who loves to travel. She brought me to Taiwan many times when I was a child and I know that made an impact in me. My world became bigger and I gained a different perspective on a lot of things. While I was working, I was given many opportunities by my employer to travel to different countries. I really enjoyed it.

I really miss travelling. Now that I have a family, and we are now four, it will definitely take some time before we can go on a holiday. We have to consider the budget, location and logistics. Holiday deals offered by seem pretty interesting. They have cheap holidays to several destinations around the world especially European countries. They also offer City Breaks package wherein you visit the best places in a certain location. If you can’t choose which country you would like to visit, they also have an extensive Travel Guide per country. You can also choose hotel accommodations separately.

Now, I got to save up so we can go on a family trip someday!


  1. ate chris, please email me your home adress at anak0430 at gmail dot com. i have a postcard for you. you can add this to your collection. hehe! hugs!

  2. I use to collect postcards.

  3. true, now that children are still young its hard to plan for family get away esp out of he country trips. like us, been thinking to go to thetre in PH but kids are still young to travel plus eats a lot of budget.

    and your like my hubb likes to collects postcards from different places hes been with.

    btw, email me your address i'll send you some postcards.

    take care!

  4. I have a collection of postcards, too! It started when I was around 9 or 10 and I still save every postcard I receive. It's fun to go back and look at them, from all over!

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