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mommy moments
Pouting face — it is so cute to look at isn’t it?
I asked my little one to make the face and he gladly obliged.

The next picture was taken when he was having a a real crying spell… aww…

Usually, when Toby has crying spells, I just pick him up and embrace him. Then he would want me to wipe his tears away… How about you? How do you usually comfort your little one?
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  1. Genejosh says

    cute naman ni Toby..haba ng pilik mata nya ha…pouting face is cute for kids not for us..LOL!

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    Her and History
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  2. Who could resist a pouting face like that? Ang cute cute ni Toby.. 🙂

  3. Genejosh says
  4. My Entry is here, I think nawala yung Linkies ih.

    Pouting Face

    🙂 have a great weekend..

  5. nel's bebi says

    ehehehehe, umiiyak na nakapout pa rin e no?! ang cute!!! minsan ang salbahe naten no, kasi umiiyak na nacucutan pa rin tayo at pinipicturan sila, hahahaha

    and i'm back! mine's up:

  6. nel's bebi says

    bat nga pala si Mr. Linky?

  7. Kawawa naman si Toby in his second picture. Looks like he really needs a warm and loving hug.

  8. Aww what a sweet face! Great pictures. TFS

  9. nel's bebi says

    nawawala si Mr. Linky, i mean?

  10. nel's bebi says

    mali na naman pala yung topic ko, akala ko pouting lips! pouting face pala, hahaha. marami pa naman si joel na ganung pictures, nyahaha

  11. waaah ang bilis naman! ang dami na agad 🙂

    waaahh.. pag ganyang pout I think I will give evrything I can haha

  12. To Cute!!

  13. Naku po! Nakakaawa si Toby! Waah! Super nacute-an ka kaya mo kinuhanan noh? Haha! Anyway, ang mga Nanay naman madali lang mabilog… 😀

    Chris, where's Mr Linky pala?
    Here's my entry ha?

  14. i love the first picture of toby, such a charming face.

    Happy Mommy Moments!!

    Mine is up na:

  15. Evan's Mom says

    Yes, kid's pouting face is cute to look at. Happy weekend 🙂

  16. It breaks my heart if I see a pouting face especially the crying Pouting face.. but cute pag Pa CUTE pouting face!! sorry Mom chris na double yung entry ko,, bago kasi mr linky e…. Thank you … paki erase na lanyg yung Pouting face…. meron na kasi akong JoyD

  17. Clarissa says

    Toby's cute pa rin kahit na umiiyak!!\(^0^)/
    here's mine po:

    btw,meron akong link kay linky kaya lang I forgot to write my name,ok lang kaya yun?

    Have a great weekend to everybody!!^_^

  18. mommy rossel says

    wow dami na agad nagjoin a.he's a darling. my heart melts kapag nakakakita ako ng batang umiiyak lalo na pag daughter ko.

  19. Toby's pout is picture-perfect cuteness! He's adorable.

    Happy Friday, Mommies!

  20. Awww, so cute.

  21. chubskulit says

    awwww so cute….

    hey Mommy Chris can I post the last wekk's theme too?

  22. hahahah ang cute ni toby.. pag ganyang iyak natutuwa ako 🙂 minsan pinapaiyak ko ng ganyan si yena but i hug her agad 😀 nakakatuwa lang talga 🙂 heheh

    mine is up at yena's blog ha! silip mo 🙂

  23. chubskulit says

    Hello again Mommy Chris, mine is up too.. both of my two blogs has entries, thanks for letting me post the last week's theme..

  24. Another beautiful theme Chris!!Btw The first picture is stunning the way he pout her face nakaka wala ng pagod!!!napapa smile ka lang pag tinignan mo love it

  25. Mauie Flores says

    When my boy was younger, giving him a kiss stops the tears. Pero now that he's older, we talk about what made him cry.

    See my son's pouting face here:

  26. Hi Mommy Chris, your kid is artistahin galing ng first picture heres. later na lang ako mag comment sa ibang mom's post ha kasi I ahve to run to mj school pa. wahhh

  27. Cute pouts! (lol) Yeah, much younger kids easily pout, especially when they don't get their way. But when they're older, they no longer pout, they scowl! =)

  28. he's so cute in pouting face..
    thanks mommy chris, had grabbed mommy moments.

  29. Beyond Motherhood says

    I love looking at pouting face specially younger kids and baby. Soooo cute.

  30. onlinemommy says

    hahaha…wawa naman!

    Ako din, I just hug my daughter to stop her from crying. Madali nmang patahanin.

  31. Hello Mommy Chris. Just posted my entry.. at eto na naman ako, medyo nagkamali pg post ng link dito. Kindly erase nlng kaya sa number 39 (Pouting Lips) kasi yung title ang nasulat ko instead of my Blog's Name, hehe.. Yung My Girl ang tama… salamat Mommy!

    Cute ng baby mo kahit umiyak pa 😀

  32. ows…wawa naman si toby. pero kahit naka pout ang face ni toby ang cute cute nya pa rin.:)

    mine is up too at

    Happy Mommy Moments 🙂

  33. Awww…pouting face talaga pero cutie!

  34. hi dear. thanks. at last im done with my mommy moments, its fun!! you may want to see my pouting kids..:)

  35. Ang lalaki ng luha nganak mo sa pangalawang pics chris hehehehehe pero nakaktawa tingnan. I dont know there is something with the baby minsan na kahit umiiyak nakakatuwa tingnan hehehe mean mommy talaga. love the pics,

  36. hayan, better late than never n naman ang drama ko mommy chris…this was a super busy day kasi..but anyways, here is my entry for today..

    by the way, ang cute ng pouting face ng kid mo..kakagigil..hehe 😀

  37. Ang cute cute pa rin ni Toby kahit umiiyak sya.Like you,we cuddle our kids too pag umiiyak.Here's my entry Mommy Chris…

  38. so cute! heheh!

  39. Humabol ako Chris! Ang layo na ng number ko hihi.

    Ang cute ng picture ni Toby na umiiyak siya.

  40. ay naku he is really a pouter, wala talagang effort un, hindi ko lang talaga makita ung ibang mga pics nya na mas kita ung pout nya 🙂

    Salamat sa bisita on my
    pouty boys

    kainis naman.. we want you to join sa meet up ng mommy and female bloggers

    Make or Break

  41. takbo humahabol!

    sanay pansinin ang aking entry 🙂

    cute Toby! I plan to also buy fish for as our pet.

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