My Other Interests

Aside from being a Stay At Home mom, I am very much interested in travelling, photography and new technologies. Since we got Windows 95 at home, while I was still in college, and internet using dial up, I was hooked with the Internet. I started with chatting at Bulletin Boards. My first job after college was IT Support Personnel in an Internet company. My relationship with the Internet has been really beneficial, well, most of the time. I have learned so much.

I have learned to make Corporate Video using Windows Movie Maker and learned to customize it a bit. Though, it is nothing like the multimedia presentations I have seen from Richter Studios. They make all sorts of cool video. They shoot in any location and in any format. They also do post production editing! I am interested to learn how 2D graphics are created and how 3D animation works and all the web stuff like Flash and Web Design. Of course, learning stylized effects would be a bonus.

Whew! If I were given a chance, I would love to train with these professionals and learn from them. And if I needed to create a multimedia presentation, I would probably check them out first.


  1. I like learning more about your interests.

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