Visiting Manila

My family lives in Manila. We don’t get to go home to them very often, due to the busy schedule of my hubby and my family is also quite busy with their respective lives. But we try to meet with my parents and siblings at least once a month. Now, whenever we visit them in Manila, we opt to stay overnight so that our trip would be well worth the travel. We sleep on the floor there. I have been thinking of buying an inflatable bed so that whenever we go home there, we can just inflate the bed. Well, I do hope we can go home this August. I want my kids to know the Chinese culture and language first hand from my family. Of course, for them to bond with their grandparents and aunt and uncle too!


  1. Heatherlyn says

    Inflatable mattresses are very convenient! I hope you get to go back home. It is really great for kids to bond with grandparents!

  2. Great idea.

  3. Dining Table says

    I was also there in Manila, having great time with my family. Not perfect place but the fact that you're with your family is a big thing.

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