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I can’t believe it! It is Friday once again. How fast time passes by. Before we proceed to this week’s theme, I would like to thank you all for joining Mommy Moments weekly. I am overwhelmed with how this meme has grown. We have met many mommy friends along the way. Thanks for the support everyone! If you have a Facebook account, please become a fan of Mommy Moments on the right sidebar so we can all stay in touch as well. Let me know if you have any theme suggestions too!

For this week’s theme, its RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! You can post photos or share stories about your kids during the rainy season… Well, here is my entry, its a very recent photo taken 2 days ago. This is Kyla’s get up whenever it rains. Her umbrella is given by her lola from her dad’s side while the boots is newly given by her lola from my side. And of course, little Toby is there to fetch Atsi (Ate in Chinese) from school too.

Kyla is afraid of the thunder and lightning. Though she has conquered her fear a bit now that she is 5 years old but there are days that she is still afraid. Toby just imitates his big sister… I don’t let them play outside in the rain…

The next picture was taken a year ago during a rainy day…

Share your rainy photos or stories with us!
By the way, I am using a public blog hop this week, you can also put the blog hop at your site too 🙂 let me know your feedback about this MckLinky tool too!

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  1. hi mommy chris…

    actually yung entry ko wlang rain pero may umbrella siya…hahhaha…anyway, my story naman behind the umbrella with her…

    here's my entry:

    Happy MM and God Bless!!!

  2. mommy Chris

    All Glory belongs to HIM!


  3. i add the blog hop tool in my site too..i think this is ok like i could visit other entrants ….

    I like Kyla's get cutie and the cool!

  4. hi, mommy chris!

    this would be my 2nd entry for mommy moments, and little zoie's steps is having fun participating in your cool meme.

    enjoy the weekend ahead!

  5. Cutie boots ; ) Joaqui is also afraid of the thunder and lightning.

  6. Ka-cute naman those wellies! At ang sweet ni Toby for wanting to fetch her Atsi even if its raining. Or maybe, its the rain really? 😀

    Chris, congratulations ha! I've checked the previous MMs, grabe umaabot na ng 60++ ang participants. Dati nasa 20-30 lang tayo. Here's to 60+++++ and more mommies wanting to join MM. God bless you!

  7. ang aga ng mga entries

  8. hello mommy chris! i wanted to join sana kaya lang no rain pics hehehe or even with an umbrella. i'll join next week 🙂

    happy weekend!

  9. Congratulations,Mommy Chris!!Dati taga basa lang ako ng mga MM participants–buti na lang I joined!!^_^Good luck and more power to you and your site!!

  10. chubskulit says

    Oh wow, great entries Mommy, I would love some photos like that.

    Here's mine

  11. Ako din I dont let the kids play outside when ts raining, pero nung bata ako ang hilig kong maligo sa ulan at baha !!!!!!! ha ha ha ha

  12. Wakaba and Haruka are afraid of thunders,too!!Ngek!!Me,too!!(T_T)

    Here's mine:

  13. Such cute pictures.

  14. so cute and nakaka tuwa ang pagiging sweet ni Toby :p
    Have a blessed weekend!!!

  15. Evan's Mom says

    Congrat for the meme's success mommy Chris, glad being part of it.
    Oh I put on the MckLinky, let see the results. Happy weekend 🙂

  16. ay naku, mali ata ang nagawa ko. na paste ko ang link URL sa name ko! hehehe! can you fix it for me please? sorry ate chris!

    btw, i love kyla and toby's get-up in the rain. they are so cute! glad to know that kyla has conquered her fear of thunder and lightning!

    when i was a kid, i love playing in the rain esp pag malakas! me dala pa akong shampoo, sabon at timba! LOL!

  17. I didn't find a photo of rain with my kids or my kids in their rain gear. But I have an entry that can really make you say or wish, Rain rain go away! 🙂

    Happy MM everyone!

  18. Beyond Motherhood says

    Happy Mommy Moments! Glad to be part of MM. Blessings!

  19. Ouch wala palang pics si Sean na may umbrella or raincoat man lang. Di ko naisipan magpapicture noon. Absent muna ako sa MM.:)

    Congrats on the success of Mommy Moments.

  20. i'm already an adult but i'm still startled by a thunderstorm. nice of you to give us a new chinese vocab – Atsi 🙂

  21. hi mommy chris cute naman ng get up ni kyla, i like her boots. 🙂 si toby ang cute tingnan sa tabi ni atsi kyla. 🙂

    Happy Mommy Moments 🙂

  22. i love the boots! hay, i should start taking photos for my next entires na or else i won't be able to join. wah.

  23. life's journey says

    Your kids are cute Chris…Happy MM! Happy weekend too. My entry is up…

  24. A cute ng boots ng dalaginding mo chris. I added the bloghop linky para mas madali makavisit. happy weekends sa inyo diyan chris.

  25. Momma Bams says

    cute get up ni kyla.. didnt know na may rain boots na maganda pala for kids.. when i was a kid wala kasi lol.

    Pass muna po ako this week.. wala pa kasi kami rainy day picture =( Til next time. happy weekends

  26. Kudos for your Mommy Moments!
    My kids are afrain in lightning & thunder too,kaya naman hindi mo sila mapapalabas ng bahay pag kumukulog at kumikidlat na.Ang cute nilang tingnan sa mga photos na ito.So sweet!!

  27. says

    Forgot to drop by but I got my second entry up!

    Thanks for the visit last time. ^_^

  28. so cute naman ng dalawang bulilit mo mami Chris….:) pass ako this time..wala kasi akong pics na rainy eh….unlike satin jan sa pinas parati umuulan…hehehhe!

  29. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    so cute! don't have an entry for this week's mommy moments…

  30. halu chris, dont know exactly how it works, i mean the McLinky bloghop.

    Anyway, here's my post in todays MeMe;

    tejan of Insights

  31. onlinemommy says

    Thanks mommy for posting my link to Mr. Linky. I already owe you too.

    Very responsible si Kyla noh? At a very young age, she knows how to protect her younger brother from the rain.

    They are adorable on their get up 😉

    God Speed!

  32. Those are nice boots on Kyla! Question: Do I always have to enter my URL on Mr. Linky?

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