Motherhood from Another Perspective #6

Hello everyone , My Name is JoyD of a Whenmomtalks…First of all I want to give my appreciation to Mommy Chris for inviting me to be a part of her blog,, It is such a pleasure to share my views and tips of motherhood…

They say that it is tough to be a mom or mum as they say here in Oz ..
Tough job, demanding but fulfilling at the same time.. I had been a single mum for 7 years, it was tough looking after Micah , I am so greatful to my mother who help me raised my eldest, a twist of luck turned and I met my SOULMATE it was fate that brought us together and it was a good love story ( well , that would be a different topic,, just follow me on my blog at )

I got married at the age of 30 and had Braiden at the age of 33, then followed by Bianca 2 years later. Our precious lil boy was a bit different , my heart was broken when he was disgnosed with mild developmental delay with mild autism (you can read his story here )

It was heartbreaking as my son went through a lot of mood changes , tantrums since he cannot speak and express his feelings when he was young , I have to take him to therapies, speech therapy and playgroup, I am always there for him for support and unconditional love , sooner than we think he was changing everyday , word explosion, attention span had lengthened and I am HAPPY to say that he is doing GREAT!!!!!! He had settled well in school , he is very affectionate , caring and loving boy, I just think that it was a miracle considering how hard I struggle with him when he was around 3 , he is just a totally different boy,, and dunno if he still fits with his diagnosis, still,, no matter what, BRAIDEN is still our sweet boy and we love him to bits…..

That was Braidens part , now I am trying to juggle motherhood taking care of school age kids and then a 15 year old teenager… whoa…. It is a roller coaster ride!!!!!!
I know that it is hard to keep up with teenagers , there are things that we disagree , must be a cultural differences but now I know how my Mum went through when I were on that age ,, now I appreciate all her wisdom and teachings.

And how about Bianca ?? she is a smart lil cookie ,and her personality is shining through as she grows up and getting ready for big school next year, she knows that I am a mum that she can count on…

No matter how many children we have , and how different they are , I know that we all LOVE our precious lil ones…
That’s what motherhood is all about, giving LOVE, comfort, guidance ,discipline and security .
I believe that CONFIDENCE is a key to effective parenting. Confident parents are positive and positive parents are very powerful people. It promotes effective discipline, which improves children’s behaviour and in the long term, forms much of the basis for the child’s own self confidence….
I am not a perfect MUM there is no such thing but I am doing my best with the help of my loving husband Joe and we both wanted the BEST for our children …

I wish everyone a lovely day and all the best!!!!
Once again Thank you Chris!!!!! Hope to meet you someday ……


  1. I enjoyed this post.

  2. onlinemommy says

    Thank you for sharing your story. Motherhood is full of challenges, in different forms 🙂

    God Speed!

  3. aww naiyak ako at my sis's story hehe

  4. thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts on parenthood mommy joy. 🙂

  5. aw ang galing nmn ni mommy joy =0 congratulations sayu mommy joy at nalampasan mo ang lahat ng iyan….salamat sa inspirasyon! =0

  6. thanks for sharing Mommy Joy !:)

  7. Mother hood is the not so easy road.
    You could never keep doing those if you didn't have faith and hope.And Joy have had that both.
    I enjoyed reading this post,thank you so much Joy for sharing your life to us.

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