I Still Get Sad

Before we had kids, we used to have a dog. He was our baby. We personally took care of him and since we don’t have a helper at home, we used to rush from work to home just to be with him and make sure he is okay. treating flea bites is one of the things we always do for him. We don’t want him in any kind of discomfort.It just so sad that when we got pregnant, we had to give him away since we moved in with my mom and no relative wanted to adopt him. I had a difficult first trimester and I knew I couldn’t do much by myself since I was always dizzy. We gave him up for adoption. I heard that after a few years, he also passed away already. I still get sad whenever I remember him.


  1. I know the felling and it is hard kahit pet mo lang ang nawala part parin ng family yan kaya pag nawala sayo affected ka talaga.We gave up Mathet {my dog} kasi my asthma ako and hindi gumagaling so nag decided ang dad ko to give up the dog para gumaling lang ako. You know Chris na sa-sad ako every time na an-miss ko sya.sayang talaga…

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  3. awww, that's sad. i never had a pet but i would like to have one someday when the kids are all grown up.

    I remember the movie Marlee and Me, it really made me cry.

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