Recovery Date


If you know of anyone who just recovered from gambling, eating disorders, alcoholism and drug disorders, you might want to recommend a new site to them, it is called RecoveryDate. Recovery Date is the first dating website online committed to help sober people in recovery to find clean and sober friendships and relationships. Sometimes, it can be a challenge for newly sober people to find friends who understand what they have gone through. They are looking for safe places where they can open up and understanding people who will not reject them. Recovery Date offers a common platform for such people to meet and interact to find wholesome, clean and sober dating. The matching up is not done automatically but it is left to be defined by each user. Recovery Date allows you to search members by gender, location and age. The best news is that signing up is FREE! Once registered, you can browse through recovery personals, make and send messages to recovery friends. Truly it is a very simple site that is quite easy to navigate.Recovery Date is a site with a noble purpose. Its purpose is to help others to move on and find new friends who faced similar life situations to support you on your new journey.


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