Chocolate Milk As An Alternative

In a few sleeps, it will be Halloween already. Lots of the Filipino families are participating in Trick or Treat Me activities. The children go and dress up then they go around the village to knock on the doors of the neighbours. Hoping to gather some treats like cookies, candies and other sweet tooth delights. We do not participate in such activities as we don’t really believe in what Halloween celebrates. Anyway, my little boy loves sweets. Which is a first for me, since my eldest daughter doesn’t like sweets at all. It doesn’t matter if there is an occasion or not, my little boy seems to have an fondness for sweets like candies, ice cream, chocolate, cakes and the likes. It concerns me since sometimes, he doesn’t like to eat “real” food because he wants to eat sweets.

It is so difficult to make sure that my kids eat balanced and complete meals. My little girl is a picky eater and my little boy loves sweets. So I try to offer milk to make sure they have complete meals. Now that my little boy is almost 3, I am beginning to offer chocolate milk to him too since his desire for his formula milk has wavered. Milk in cartons are easy to prepare and store, and they are good for environment since they are made from recyclable materials. I am glad to hear about this news so i am sure we can pass this message to other parents via Twick or Tweet Me messages.



  1. You got this writing opp, too. Congratulations, Chris!

  2. You got this writing opp, too. Congratulations, Chris!

  3. Hailey's Beats and Bits says

    i blogrolled you already. hope to see my name in your blogroll too. thanks

  4. Napaka importante ng sweets sa katawan natin specially sa mga bata,most parents don't want their kids to eat too much sweets for the thought it would be bad for their teeth,but the truth is sweets are extremely important in the human brain.It helps to maintained their identities across the whole range of vertebrates & it helps to becomne more intelligent & smart.Kaya tama yan mommy chocolate milk is really good for kids specially for your growing up kids.

  5. Chocolate make a good alternative but be very careful with your kids' teeth. They are the major cause of cavities if not brushed up properly after eating sweets.

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