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Making your home sing Mondays

With the 2 recent strong typhoons hitting our country, it was a good time to do some spring cleaning at our house. We looked at our stuff and decided that it was time to part ways with some of the things we consider as clutter and probably others would still use. So we gave away old clothes, shoes, slippers, beddings and an old bed. It is like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. I still have yet to open a cabinet and check the space where we keep old stuff… this will be a way to make my home sing this week and also, make sure others will be happy too!

Join us at Momstheword for more ways to make your home sing this week!


  1. It's good to share what we have with others.

  2. Organizing Mommy says

    Wow! You are dealing with Typhoons: that sounds intense! How neat to meet believers from another country.

  3. momstheword says

    Yeah, those typhoons must be scary! How good to know that you can take that concern for those people to the Lord!

    Doesn't it feel great to declutter sometimes? It can be hard letting go but it's just so freeing to have the space! Thank you for linking up today!

  4. Collette@Jesuslovesmums says

    it is great to declutter isn't it? I hope you weren't affected by the typhoons.
    Love Collette xxx

  5. I'll be praying for you during this time of typhoon season. Decluttering is such a good idea anytime, though. You've just motivated me to get going on getting rid of some stuff that is just taking up space.

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