Making Your Home Sing : Schedule and Research

Making your home sing Mondays

Since we have decided not to hire a stay-in helper anymore, I have to re-adjust my schedule and routine at home. So far, we are doing better now, at least I know I am. I do the chores and then after the kids have breakfast, I have quiet time with them and we do some crafts. Though I would want to have more time with my little boy so I can teach him more… but at his age, I can’t rush him since his attention span is also short. I have been researching at the Internet and so glad to find so many sites that offer help and things to do so my tot can learn 😀 I have planned on doing a schedule for routine cleaning and I just need to write it down. Aside from that, I have decided to work on Sunday nights for researching and plotting down what we will be studying for the coming week. It has definitely helped me! With God’s grace, I pray that I can be a better mom around the house!


  1. momstheword says

    Sounds like an excellent plan! I hope you’ll post your cleaning schedule when you’re through. I love seeing people’s schedules.thank you for linking up today!

  2. Good for you,Mommy Chris!!I hope things will work out great day by day with the time spent with your kids.^_^Keep it up!!

  3. Sounds like you’re on the right track! Zone cleaning has saved my sanity, and planning ahead is a must! There are so many wonderful resources for us on the internet.

  4. Any time our schedule changes, we need to allow time for the new schedule to sink in. Trying things we think will work only to give them up when they don’t. Flexibility and a willingness to try it a different way will get you where you want to be.

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