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How fast time passes by! I can’t believe its Friday again. Our theme this week is A DAY AT THE MALL. It can be about a certain day your kid had in the mall or a collection of days at the mall. Malling or going to the mall is a part of everyday life here in the Philippines. Malls have taken the place of open parks. I’m sure almost every family have their mall days!

Here are pictures of my kids while they are strolling at the mall, aren’t they so sweet? πŸ™‚ Holding hands while walking pa πŸ˜€

Here is a picture of them while they are waiting for dad to bring the car up front the mall exit, just after we did our groceries.

Here are some shots taken as we are riding a train that goes around the mall.

All the pictures that I posted are taken from my mobile phone so pardon the quality of the shots.
Do you have pictures of your kids at the mall? Join us at Mommy Moments!

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  1. They're so adorable…very sweet of Kyla. Ate na ate na siya.

  2. Thanks for posting my link Chris, really appreciate it.

  3. sweet naman ng magkapatid na yan.Kyla is such a caring ate.

  4. those are really sweet photos πŸ˜‰

  5. Awww, your kids are so adorable. Looks like they had a fun mall day. We do our mall days during the winter months. Lots of fun to be had. Thanks for stopping by Chris and for the sweet comment.

  6. very heartwarming naman ang hhww picture nila…

  7. I would love Alyssa to be Ate soon.. Sana ganyan din sila ka sweet pag 2 na sila. I agree, mall moments are really part of lives of pinoys, sa dami na kase ng malls dyan sa atin wala ng hirap pagpunta sa mall dba? I joined again mommy chris! yeepee!!! lovet!!!

  8. Evan's Mom says

    Yes they're sweet πŸ™‚

  9. I like the capture with their backs on the camera. Yes, they're sweet.

  10. Ang sweet ni kyla sa Bunso, I like the picture yang magka holding hands ang dalawa, ang cute. Bilis ng araw friday na naman. Happy weekend chris and to your wonderful kids.

  11. Malling is a nice family bonding. sarap talaga pag may kapatid. Sayang RJ can't have one.

    Happy Mommy Moments and God bless your family!

    Mine is up too.

  12. What a sweet Ate to her lil bro!!I love the photos of them holding hands together!!Parang nakikita ko ang kids ko like them ^_^

    Enjoy your weekend,Mommy Chris!!^_^

  13. they are so sweet, ganda naman tingnan mine is up thanks

  14. Mom of Four says

    Sana ganyan din ka sweet mga anak ko,it's nice to go malling once in a while, especially when it's the whole family. You don't need to buy anything, just be together and bond..
    Napaka fresh looking mo naman Mommy Chris, para kang batamg tingnan, kala ko hindi ikaw eh…

  15. They're super close as I can see from these pictures. πŸ™‚

  16. chubskulit says

    Nakakatuwa kapagka magkasundong magkasundo ang magkapatid noh.. Seldom yan mangyari sa dalawa ko hahaha, para silang aso't pusa lagi.. But there are times that they are really really sweet to each other.. Depende rin siguro sa moods.

    Malkwatsa kami kaya halika na at tingnan ang aming Strolling Adventures

  17. Meryl (proud pinay) says

    nice pictures…talagang enjoy ang mga bata sa mall..i agree part na ng life nating mga pinoy ang pagpunta sa mall

  18. sweet_shelo says

    Nice mall photos sis.. It's so funny sis as when I click on your blog to enter my link I saw that your topic is about Malling.. haha, ang ginawa ko ay ung about tantrums so I have to do another one again.. he he

  19. I think Kyla and Toby look cute in the shopping cart. I like that they're holding hands at the mall, too.

  20. Adorable kids! They love being together in the malls, don't they? =)

    My MM entry is here.

  21. So sweet talaga!

  22. Bambie dear β˜… says

    Kyla has always been a sweet ate to her lil bro..

  23. Nakakatuwa naman sina Kyla and Toby.
    Secure na secure si bunso kay ate.

  24. they're so sweet.. malling is a great bonding time..

  25. so sweet! kyla is growing up to be such a caring and responsible ate. toby is very lucky!

  26. aww.. ang sweet naman ng magkapatid.

    hope maging sweet kuya din si Klyne ko with his lil sis..

    mines up mommy chris..

  27. Sweet ng mga kids mo. Mukhang magkasundong-magkasundo sila.

  28. ang sweet naman nila! sarap tlaga ng family bonding sa mall =D

    mine’s up too

  29. Your kids are so cute. Ganda nilang pag masdan together.Btw mommy Chris maybe by Monday na ang MM ko may lakad kc kmi ng family ko.
    Have a great day =)

  30. hi mommy chris! was really so busy lately with soooo many things. super na-miss ko rin ang ibang topics..sayang prepared pa naman ako! hihihi

    your kids looks so well behaved..i hope ganyan din mga anak ko! hehe.. my kids are super makulit when at the mall..pagod ako kakahabol after them!!!

  31. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    They walk hand in hand…that is so sweet!!!

    Well, I missed going to the SM Mall too, I can't wait when I go back to PI and went strolling at the mall again…

    Anwyay, Mine is up as well!!!

  32. love the pics of your kids holding hands while walking

  33. so sweet πŸ™‚ naman nila, gthanks for sharing this pictures.

    mine is up na here:

  34. Ang sweet sweet naman nila Kyla & Toby:D
    Sorry Mommy Chris late ang entry but 'm glad nakahabol pa rin & it's up now.Happy weekend!:D

  35. ang saya saya ng bonding sa mall…..

    wala akong entry this week mami Chris…d kasi kami pumupunta sa malls dita…aside na fanget…mahal pa….hehehe….wala atang makapantay sa malls natin sa pinas…..

  36. crazydenzki says

    awww…parang gusto ko na rin tuloy maging 'ate' na ang little missy ko =)

    better late than never…haha!

    here's my entry:

  37. a boy's mom says

    ang behave naman while waiting for the car…and so sweet, HH pa πŸ˜€

  38. hello Chris, pahabol ng entry ko ha! senxa na at late ang MM ko btw mine is here

    MckLinky list is now closed sana maka habol lol…

  39. The family that shops together, stays together:) Love to do this as a whole family activity as well. Mag-grocery tapos dine out together.

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