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Our Internet connection has been down for the past 2 days 🙁 Im currently in a coffee shop with my 2 kids…. trying to post blogs and check emails.. Just to show you what Toby is doing while waiting for me….

Anyway, our topic this week is about Tantrums! My toddler throws tantrums every now and then. One moment, he would be playing by himself, the next he would be crying. I know this is just a stage but sometimes, it can get very difficult handling it. He would throw his toys, or he would just start crying and I dont really know what is causing his foul mood. Sometimes, I would try to distract him but at other times, he just keeps crying! I just embrace him and in a bit, he will eventually stop… I learned that if I scold him, all the more, he gets more irritated and cries louder!

So, how do you handle tantrums? Hopefully, our Internet connection returns so that i can check your posts soon!

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  1. Yes, when I scold or yell, it gets worse. When I try to soothe them, the tantrum usually stops.

  2. Sometimes pati ako nagtatantrum hehehe..

    Here's to handling tantrums

  3. The best way to soothe tantrums I think is to hug your child and tell him/her it's okay whatever the problem is.

  4. a boy's mom says

    miguel is like that sometimes too…i discover that getting him outside the house works, siguro bored na minsan…but you're right, it's just a phase 🙂

  5. a boy's mom says

    weird, can't access mcklinky…here's my entry

  6. Mauie Flores says

    I'm back, and I'm posting early this week. So sorry for my long absence.

    Anyway, I guess it really is a phase because kids that age cannot articulately say how they're feeling yet. So they display their frustrations with tantrums.

  7. Crayons n Pencils says

    Ask them what's wrong, give them hints how to say it. Tell the child that mommy cannot understand crying, so they have to stop. If they don't stop crying and the reason is really not important, tell the child that you will continue what you're doing and ready to attend to them when they decide to stop crying – and ignore the tantrum, screaming at the child will only feed their egos. Tell them that you're not going to tolerate violent tantrums, spanking is also an option when they keep on showing, so they learn that they cannot boss parents around. Spare the rod and spoil the child (Proverbs 13:24).

  8. ☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ says

    I totally agree with Tetcha! When my little man is having his tantrums I hug him and everything is ok.

    I think capturing the tantrums is a wonderful memento =)

  9. Upstatemomof3 says

    I TRY (and try would be the key word here) to ignore tantrums. But my 13 month old daughter can REALLY get to me and I give ib more than I should.

  10. u are right mommy.. all they need is just our hugs and kisses 😉

  11. Hailey's Beats and Bits says

    been there and it's not easy. now that my youngest is 7 na, she seldom does it. hopped here to say hello, too.

  12. Hi Chris Im back and here is my entry…. have a nice day and hope your net connection is back

  13. Lol! I can so relate with Toby's first photo. Cj has that too but I can't find the pic. Happy Mommy Moments, fellow mommies!

  14. His Unfailing Love says

    I wanted to click the link but I can't. Where do I need to link for my post?

  15. Toby is so cute kahit my tantrums!!I like his picture parang gusto kung i-hug! Anyway, children are not reasonable. They are not little adults that we can explain each and every decision to and they will just agree.For me kids throwing temper tantrums because they feel ignored.One big hug from mommy and daddy is the best medicine for kids during their tantrums!
    Have a fun weekend Chris,God bless!!!

  16. sweet_shelo says

    naku sis, ganyan talaga mga babies.. grabe pati ung girl ko sobra.. Nakakairita minsa lalo na pag tired ako galing sa work.. Pero kids are kids..

  17. Tantrums are always viewed negatively. I think the best way to handle tantrums is to ignore them if it's just our kids' way of indulging their whims. But if you think, the child is in need of attention because he's not feeling well, or he feels pained, then the best way is to hug and hold him. 🙂

    My Mommy Moments entry is here.

  18. if your children are pre-schoolers, talk to them like an adult. they are smart enough to understand.

    if your children are toddlers, just don't give in on what they want if it's not good for them or kung hindi talaga pwede. giving in will just spoil them.

  19. cute pa rin toby kahti umiiyak 🙂

    hope ur IC gets better na.. 😀

    happy weekend!

  20. Nakakaloka tlga pag may tantrums noh! 🙂

    Mine is here:

  21. Hi Chris. Perfect ang tantrum pictures ni Toby. Kahit umiiyak cute pa rin. 😀

  22. hi mommy chris! naku ako super short ng pacensiya ko! mas matindi tantrums ko sa mga anak ko!


    mine is up now!

  23. Mom of Four says

    When my kids throw tantrums, I ignore them, then they stop. The more I console them, the more they act up. when I ignore them, they stop and then continue what they're doing. I don't like it when they do it at the store.

    Hehe, Toby was probably getting bored, while you're doing your internet. Have a great weekend Chris.

  24. I completely agree w/ Mommy Tetcha as well as w/ you.That's what I did to my grown up kids & now to my youngest.Mine's up now usual late again,hope you can get your connection soon.Happy weekend!:D

  25. Hope you can get your connection back!:D

  26. When my son was younger I usually distracted or ignored him. Now that he's four, he knows throwing tantrum is a useless trick, so he hardly do that anymore.

    Hope your connection back soon. Happy weekend mommy Chris.

  27. haaay…mga bata talaga.

  28. ♡Grace Draper♡ says

    hi bata nga talaga nicole was easy to distract pag umiiyak iba cguro pag boy ang anak, sali ako ngayun last week la ako time thanks happy mm

  29. Tingnan mo mukha ng mga bata pag nag tantrums, nakakatuwa tingnan.

  30. Hi Mommy Chris mine is up na sorry late, Ill leave comments later pa for mommy moments members ha, kasi i have to go to grocery pa wahhh heres mine

  31. Hi Mommy Chris, first time here. Sali na ko palagi, I enjoyed doing it. BTW, Can we exchane link? I already added you to my site, hope you'll do the same. Thanks!

  32. True, the more we scold them the more and louder they cry! but when they feel the soothing hands and hear the gentle voice, they stop 🙂
    that's the magic of Mom's love 🙂

    up pa pala si Mr Linky, until when mo ba siya open? Di ako nakajoin kasi I got sick e. Na naman. Gnun yata when someone abuses herself. Working and working and working. Hayyy…

    Anyway, I just hope Toby will grow up as a fine young man. You are right, stages lang yan. 🙂

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