Paint Away!

We attended a birthday party last week and they had people doing face painting! My kids didnt want their faces painted but they wanted to have their arms painted instead!


  1. How fun for them! Love the pics!

  2. mukhang d masaya si toby…hehehehe

  3. Cool party and for sure nag enjoy sila Kyla and Toby..Nice pictures, nakaka miss tuloy yung birthday parties sa Philippines =)

    happy weekend!

  4. Cute naman ng hand paintings nila mommy Chris!


  5. Mom of Four says

    Wow, I love the one on your daughter's arm. My kids would love that face painting, they would have their nose, cheeks, forehead, hehehe..(basically their whole face except their eyes), painted.

  6. Hailey's Beats and Bits says

    one of the best part for the kids!

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