First Dental Visit

Last week, I brought the kids to the dentist to have their regular dental cleaning and check-up. For Toby, it was his first time. When we got there, Toby wanted to go first and he was quite excited. I was so glad that he was in a good mood that day!
When the dentist was preparing, he was all smiles…

I was really glad that he cooperated the entire time and only complained when the flouride was applied and he wanted to go home already. I’m blessed that both my kids aren’t afraid of the dentist!


  1. Andrea-Memories As A Mom says

    That's great! I hope Logan does that well his first time!

  2. Wow, good boy Toby, naka smile pa. Buti pa yang anak mo ang bait, ang ibang bata kailangan pa i wristle madala lng sa dentist. I already foresee my Jake, he is gonna be wild when we take him to the dentist one day. Takot na yata ito sa mga doctor sa sobrang dami ng shots. Way to go Toby! I admired your courage.

  3. so brave naman ni Toby…good boy!

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  4. wow behaveckuya Toby and not afraid of the dentist. I can't wait na rin for my Thea's first dentist appointment.

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  5. Ang bait naman ni Toby.Ako ang youngest ko takot na takot during her first visit to dentist 😀

  6. That's great!!Toby's such a good boy!!Naku,ang mga girls ko,papunta pa lang kami sa dentist for a check-up,iyakan na!!(T_T)
    Way to go,Toby!!\(^0^)/

  7. ang bait ni toby at the dentist's! behaved na behaved a! saludo ako sa little boy mo chris! (ayan ha, wala nang ATE. hihi!)

  8. Hi Mommy Chris!

    Kudos to Toby! Good the first is such a nice experience that you won't have trouble bringing him back. Aori always look forward to going to the dentist. I scare him on the pain of toothdecay, not the doctor 🙂

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