Happy Birthday Enchie

Enchie of Sweet Nothings, From My Kitchen and Beyond and One Woman’s Tale

Enchie is one of the very first blogger moms I have met. I came to know her through Sweetytots giveaway contest last year. Since then, she has become an online friend to me. Even though I haven’t met her personally, I cherish the online friendship we have… She constantly amazes me with her photo shots, cooking recipes, her tales and stories that define her as she would say.

Happy birthday Enchie! May you have an amazing day filled with sweet nothings to make it a memorable one! Thanks for being a friend to me and looking forward to meeting you personally!

Go ahead and drop by her sites to wish her a happy birthday! 😀

sweet nothings

 from my kitchen and beyond


  1. Happy Birthday to Mommy Enchie!!I'm also amazed by her photos and food recipes,too!!Best wishes to her!!

  2. Hi Chris! Yes, that is a perfect amount, thank you!

  3. Crayons n Pencils says

    Wow Mommy Chris, You're a good friend to have! Nevermind the distance and you still cherished the friendship.

    This you did is really great. You remind me of my bestfriend. ^__^


  4. Aww…thank you Chris…I really love the thought you remembered and made a post about my special day…

  5. onlinemommy says

    Thanks for sharing this info. I've already greeted her 🙂 God Bless to you

  6. Bambie dear ★ says

    hope its not yet too late to greet her =) thanks… momsie kelan birthday mo?

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