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When I was growing up, I never got trained to do chores since we always had household helpers doing this for us… but now that I have my own kids, I want them to learn different house chores. Not only to equip them when they grow up, but also to let them know what responsibility means.

Kyla helps me to fold clothes and keeps them in our closet.

When Kyla was still around 2 years old, we have been training her to keep her toys after she plays with them and to make sure her room is neat before she goes to sleep… Now that she is 5, she knows how to do this by herself already…

Now little Toby is 2 years old (turning 3 soon!) he still needs coaching and lots of encouragement to keep his toys…

He loves to clean the CR walls though!

How about you? Does your kids have favorite chores at home? Join us at Mommy Moments! Just create your post and enter your link at MckLinky!


  1. Ang sipag naman ni ATe kyla. At ang galing ng tagalinis mo ng bathroom ah hehehe..

    Mine is up na din kaso ala pa si Mr. Linky, nytnyt na ako Mommy Chris, I am dead tired today.

    Iniwan ko yung url, makisuyo na lang Chris if you could sa McLinky if not balik ako bukas mwah!

  2. Mine is up too, balik ako maya for Mr. Linky.

  3. It's good to start them young in appreciating household chores. 🙂

  4. I believe that it's good to teach our children on how to participate even a small chores in the house at their very young age.Glad to know you started to teach them early to realized what responsibility mean is.Keep it up Mommy.

    Mine is up now wala pa si Mr.Linky.I'm afraid I can't do this later I'll be leaving soon kaya inagahan ko na ang entry ko.Pwedeng makisuyo na rin Mommy?
    A huge thanks in advance & have a nice weekend!God Bless!:D

  5. I love Toby's last photo..:)
    I also believe in starting them young.

  6. I like your pics especialy when Toby was cleaning the CR. LOL!

  7. It's good to know that they are starting to do even the lil chores at home.Ang sisipag ng mga anak mo,Mommy Chris!!Great job guys!!\(^0^)/

    Happy Mommy Moments!!^_^

  8. I agree totally with you on this! We lead by example and I want mine to know responsibility and to be respectable! Great post!

  9. Hi Chris your kids are so adorable.. Kyla is so cute nakaka aliw tignan ang sipag nya. Love the last pic cute ni Toby 🙂

  10. Keeping toys in place is always a good start 🙂

  11. ♡ N o r e e n says

    bait naman ng mga batang yan oh! tumutulong talaga sa mommy

  12. hahahha, your youngest is the same with my little pooh butt, she also love to wipe using her own cloth lol anyway here's mine

  13. Life's Journey says

    You have a great kid and very helpful pa…Am playing today Chris.

  14. i love those pictures; i agree teaching kids doing chores while still young is very important.

    mine is up now :-)!

  15. Justin likes to clean the bathroom, too, when he takes a bath by pouring water on the floor to wash away some dirt that he sees. He also brushes the pail or water basin because they're dirty daw.

  16. mas madali ata turuan sa bahay ang girls =) great job kyla and to mommy chris too! can i hire toby to clean our bathroom? hehe

    My Little Helpers

  17. Ang cute ng last pic… parang son ko rin. Loves to play while in the shower.

    Sorry for the late posting .. been really busy lately.

  18. I miss joining MM, been busy fixing stuff here at home… hopefully, by next week 😀 Kyla looks like a big sister na… and Toby reminds me of my nephew 🙂

  19. ang galing ng mga anak mo masisipag, galing ka mag train sa kanila, sana ganyan ang mga boys ko

  20. Bambie dear ★ says

    Kyla is always the good girl type. Im not saying that toby is the vice versa ok, Toby is always energetic type, the life of the party parang ganun. I love the last pic.. ako din gusto ko naglilinis ng wall ng cr..

    Anyway, happy weekends..

  21. ♡Grace Draper♡ says

    nicole is always like toby does you need to be encourage to clean her mess or pick up her toys but sometimes she's not in mood naku pag ayaw ayw talaga grabe, kyla is 5 kaya ala na nya i mean she's alittle matured. happy mm mommy chris,

  22. Bambie dear ★ says

    i thought hindi ako makaka join this week..

    mine is up already here

  23. ☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ says

    How CUTE!!!

  24. Ang sisipag ng mga anak mo chris. its really a good thing though that kids learn chores and responsibilities ata very young age.

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