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Our theme this week is Yummy! You can post about your kids and their favorite food or your experience with them if they are picky eaters.

When my daughter Kyla was a baby, she wasnt a picky eater but as she grew up, she became one! It is so hard to make her try out new dishes or fruits. She only wants to eat fried stuff. She also doesnt like candies, cake, chocolate or ice cream. Her favorite food is noodles! She likes it plain.

Toby is more adventurous when it comes to food. He loves sweets. Of course, his favorite is ice cream.

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  1. Your kids are fun to watch eating their favorite food, hehe 😀

  2. My son is a picky eater din. Minsan gusto puro chicken lang. Pero may time naman na marami syang gustong kainin, wag lang mapait na gulay. Kapag ganun, go lang ng go. Pabagu- bago yung gusto nya pero di pa rin mawala yung chicken. I always tell him, malapit na syang mangitlog!

  3. With that sight I wouldn't blame Toby for loving icecream so much. Cj is like Kyla on food choice changes.

    May our kids all learn and love to eat what their little bodies need for growing.

  4. Love ube ice cream! 🙂 And I agree with Mommy Hazel's post. Happy MM!

  5. The Bumbles says

    Our nieces are the exact same way – they only want PLAIN noodles – no sauce – and they come from an Italian family! And one of them absolutely hates chocolate – I don't know what's wrong with that girl!

  6. Kyla is like Jacob; he doesn't like sweets especially candies, but likes ice cream and cake without icing.

  7. ang sarap-sarap naman nila kumain! my friend's daughter is alos addicted to plain noodles 🙂

    miss ko na din ang ube ice cream 🙂

    thank you for linking me up again Momi Chris! i off to visit other entries now. have a great weekend!

    my entry is here

  8. kakatuwa naman si Kyla and Toby. My bebe loves pasta too, at her age she can finish one big bowl just by herself.

    Check out my Yummy Moments here, till next week's MM.

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  9. Bambie dear ★ says

    picky eater din kami ni hubby nung bata kaya i hope hindi maging picker si anzu.. toby looks so happy with his ice cream.. kakatuwa

    so glad i joined this week

  10. sarap ng ube ice cream

  11. can relate with the picky eater.

    cute ni Toby!

    Check my yummy entry. thanks!
    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

  12. Ice cream lover pala si toby hehehe..

    Yummy Mommy Moments

  13. Mom of Four says

    I love ube ice cream the most..yum yum, and spaghetti is my favorite too. ano ba yan, mga faves ko ang kinakain ng mga anak mo, ehehehe.

  14. Me & hubby are not picky eaters & so are my kids kaya walang kahirap hirap sa pagluluto,kung ano ang nakahain yun ang kakainin nila.
    Drooling naman ako sa ice cream ni Toby.Fave ko rin kaya yan & Kyla's pasta too.
    Mine's up now,ang aga ko ngayon hehe,I took my day off today that's why yey!
    Happy weekend!:D

  15. si Kyla at si jack ko na 5 years old parehong pareho halos umiiyak na ko sa kakaworried ayaw talaga kumain ng fruit and vegies… hahaha blue na blue ang lips ni Toby ah

  16. Joqui Housley says

    ugff… hmm Anaya is our baby (15 months) she thank God isn't a picky eater.. she will eat just about ANYTHING… Although she isn't a big fan of veggies.
    Elijah on the other hand is soooo picky… though he will eat just about any veggie… so night and day with these two.. Elijah's favorite food is either mac n cheese or broccoli
    Anaya doesn't have a favorite food… she just eats lol

  17. Ice cream lover here too 🙂

  18. sweet_shelo says

    Great to see kids eat so well.. nakakatuwa talaga..

    Good luck with Mommy Moments Christmas.. Love to join but manganganak ako nyan eh..

  19. Ang sarap pakainin ang mga anak na maganang kumain!!Nakakatuwa si Toby!!^_^

  20. His Unfailing Love says

    ang cute naman ng mga anak nyo Mommy Chris, nag enjoy talaga sila

  21. Kyla and Toby are so adorable ang cute nilang dalawa.You know Chris, sometimes my kids are picky eaters and nakaka stress pag ayaw nila yung food ..
    Mine is up Chris! Have a great weekend..

  22. looking at Toby with his ice cream makes me want to have some..heheh! by the way, my entry is up.. but I can't seem to find mr. linky.. I think masyadong mahina ang connection ko

  23. Naku, Mmy Chris mahirap nga 'pag picky eater. Si Ponks ko mahilig naman sa sausage, hotdogs.
    Naalala ko kay Toby si Ponks, he like ice cream too.

  24. sarap naman ng kain nya ng ice cream. talagang yum,yum!

  25. Justin, like Toby, loves ice cream, and my son is a picky eater, too, like Kyla.

  26. toby is so cute! i can't wait for my hailey to eat ice cream! though i hope she won't be a picky eater when she grows up. 😛 have a happy weekend!

  27. sarap nman nilang panooring kumain and kyla loves noodles same with amanda,and ube ice cream is one of my fav,sarap!

  28. ube flavor ba yang ice cream ni toby,, pahingi..

  29. ayay…so yummy…ehhehe…penge ng ube ice cream toby….:)

    mine is up too!

  30. Caliente Mamma says

    hi chris. this is my first time to join your meme. and am glad i did. 🙂

    my entry is up:


  31. Wow sarap ng kain ni kyla diyan ahh, and she knows how to used chopstick too, chinese girl talaga. Toddy so cute with the picture too, with the ice cream all over his face.

  32. wow cute naman ni toby…yummy ice cream…pls.check my entry mommy cris,,,


  33. – I don't know what's wrong with that girl!

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