Our Ark Avilon Trip

Last Monday was a holiday, so we grabbed the opportunity to bring the kids to a zoo called Ark Avilon located in Pasig. We went with my sister and the kids had a great time!

can you see the white tiger?

this was Toby’s favorite! jaguar!

kyla with the turtles

family picture!

Toby and the big fish

Toby fed the rabbit!
Kyla and Toby playing at the playground inside Ark Avilon.

Afterwards, we went to Fun Ranch.
Kyla passing by the hanging bridge, followed by her Aunt Suzette(my sister)

There were some rides which the kids wanted to try out…

The train

The bump boat

The bump car

Well, it was tiring to travel quite far… but thank God there was no heavy traffic that day and the kids had a blast!


  1. saan to mommy?

  2. 11eight2007 says

    hi mommy chris! thanks for dropping by my space and leaving nice comments. Your kids looked like they enjoyed your outing. have a happy week 😉

  3. wow this is fun~fun bonding. Sana ma ka visit din kami jan 🙂

  4. Hailey's Beats and Bits says

    looks like every one had a blast!

  5. Wow ganda ng family bonding ninyo chris, saan ba yan?

  6. Wow ang sarap ng weekend getaway niyo ng buong family. Miss going to the theme park na rin. 🙂

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