Our Garden

For the past months, I have been thinking about what to do with our garden. I do not have a green thumb and I do not have the time and energy to take care of our garden anymore… This is how it looks like a few weeks ago… The grass are full of weeds and its not nice to look at anymore.

I really want to have the space renovated. Remove the grass parts on the front and make the space more usable for the kids. Maybe with the help of a landscaper or someone with good ideas about gardens, I can make this garden more useful for us… I also want a space which requires not so much time to maintain.

That is why I have been trying to get more paid blogging opportunities but sadly, I have not been getting any lately 🙁


  1. Weeds were always a problem in our garden. But when there are bermuda grass or any good grass and plants, weeds can't grow anymore. We temporarily put little pebbles on the soil where we plan to put cement coz it's hard to maintain bermuda all over the garden.

    It happened with my PR before but it just came back. Maybe Google is in that again. Don't worry your PR will be back soon =)

  2. Don't worry, Chris. Your page rank will go up again. You'll see.

  3. Yes, I noticed the sudden change in ur PR mine became zero for a week and now it's back to 1, at lease not N/A.

    Anyway, thank you very much for the vote, Mmy Chris.

  4. it happened to me din yung PR1 ko naging N/A pero nang ibalik naging 2 na siya sana it stays that way kung hind man siya tumaas. Babalik din yan Chris baka mas mataas pa. 🙂

    About your garden, naku you should see our front yard, since matuto akong magblog nabayaan ko na rin. I can't remove the plants kasi baka gawin lang paradahan ng car ng mga kapitbahay. wala rin akong green thumb bigay lang ng mother ko mga plants namin.

  5. Just hang in there, pag bumalik na PR mo am sure dadami opps mo.. Ako nga may PR but lie low din sa opps..

    Yung theme ba for this week, chores for kids or parents, or in general?

  6. wow, mommy. ako din gusto ko ng sariling garden and patio. san po kayo sa Laguna? anong subdivision? parang ang ganda ganda jan. di po ba nagbabaha jan?

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